H1Z1- Battle Royale APK for Android | Best Survival Game 2020


Finally here is one good news for all RPG game lovers, now H1Z1- Battle Royale the famous PlayStation game is also coming for all Android and iOS devices. The users will experience the same gameplay as they were getting on PlayStation. Now let us know about the basic features and details of this famous 2020 android game.

H1Z1- Battle Royale APK for Android

H1Z1 is a game that is introduced by Daybreak game company. This game is about the battle and surviving on the battleground. H1Z1 starts in which up to 150 people parachute down onto a small and continually shrinking map. This is an adventurous game and this game lures several players. At the beginning of the game, the players will have to make teams and pick the region where they want to go in the map. There are several challenges that you will face on the path to victory.

H1Z1- Battle Royale APK | Download Latest Version 2020

Application  H1Z1 Battle Royale
File Name h1z1-1.apk
Total Size 1.35 GB
Latest Version  1.0
Minimum Android Version Required Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
Update 2020
MD5 6e80eaedd733207dc925eac9808c77df

This game will surely make you feel adventurous and you will get fully entertained.

  • H1Z1 introduces the concept of player servers. Players can vote on a particular configuration. This can be done by the token given to each player. Doing this the server configuration will be created which will get a maximum number of votes.
  • The game will have gas barrels that will explode, breakable windows, trees can be chopped and the buildings can be destroyed. There will be lots and lots of destruction environment available for the players.
  • The zombies in the game can wander anywhere across the map and can do whatever they like. After the players will die their corpse will reanimate after a certain amount of time. The items that were carried by dead players will now be carried by the zombies.
  • The players can construct houses, bases, and safes. These can also be destroyed easily but still, it is safe for the time being for the players.
  • The weapons that players will find in the game are: Fists [EA], Wood Axe [EA], Crowbar [EA], Machete [EA],Combat Knife [EA], Crossbow [EA], Spike Trap [EA], Spear [EA] (throwing & stabbing) and Landmine.
  • The players can easily use survival tools for their survival. Some of the tools are Bandage, First aid kit, Basic Fire Starter, snare etc.

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