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Yareel 3D for Android

Ever heard of something that is a dating cum video game? If not, then here we are going to introduce you guys to one such app/game that is a combination if both and its name is Yareel. It is a kind of app where you will be meeting new people and also get the chance to play game hence it is called dating app cum video game. It is available for different platforms which includes Android, Windows and Mac.

If you are also fascinated with the idea of using a dating app in such a fun way then this is the perfect app for you. Here the players will have to create their digital avatar which they can style according to them and through this avatar, they will get to meet real people in the game. You can chat with them and have virtual dates with the one that you like. It is going to make dating, a lot more fun and who knows that you really find your soulmate in the game as you will be chatting with real players.

Download Yareel 3D 2022 APK | Latest Version 136

Application NameYareel 3D
Latest Version136
File NameYareel-3d.apk
Total Size29.1 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
MD5 (Signature)1ea4e7fab61872c95ef1b87650668aca
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 10 (Q, API 29)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)
Uploaded On21-April-2022

Yareel 3D 2022 APK- Main Features

The game/app comes with a lot of exciting features which is going to make it really very interesting. Here are some of those amazing features that you all going to enjoy–

  • Create Avatars– Creating a digital avatar is always exciting and here in this game, you are required to create your own. You can style your avatar according to your style and appearance or you can also change their look, the way you want.
  • Chat with Players– It is not only you as here a lot of other players are also playing along with you so, you will get the chance to chat with real players. All of you can meet a lot of new people make new friends through Yareel.
  • Virtual Dates– As it is also a dating app, you guys will also get the chance to go on virtual dates with the friends that you’ve made here. If you wish, you can also get indulged into various adult activities as well.
  • Customise Avatar– One of the most exciting thing about this game is the avatar that you create and guess what?! You can also customise your avatar whenever you want. You can simply change the hairstyle, clothes, features, or the overall look. This is going to be quite exciting as the developers have given a lot of amazing customization options to the users.
  • Send Friend Requests– As it is more like a dating app, you will get the chance to browse through various profiles which are there on this app. You can send the friend request to whoever you want. Once they accept your request, you can simply connect with them through messages and go on virtual dates.
  • Common Rooms– If you want to go and explore more options then, you can simply enter the common rooms where you will find a lot of people. You can connect with anyone of them and get friends with them.
  • Free of Cost– Now comes the most important part and here you do not need to worry about that as it is free of cost. You can connect with as many people as you want and you do not have to pay anything to use this app.

It is simply the best app for all those people who wants to have a little fun along with dating!

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