Yanosik Antiradar & Navigation APK- Download for Android

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Yanosik Antiradar & Navigation for Android

Yanosik is a versatile Android app for drivers in Poland that offers a multitude of features to enhance road navigation and safety. It features an impressive warning system that provides alerts on speed checks, cameras, and other hazards which ensures drivers stay safe and avoid fines. It is a comprehensive navigation Android app that utilizes the SmartTraffic system and offers real-time traffic updates and the fastest routes to destinations. Regular map updates and an extensive address database make it an invaluable androrid app for locating even obscure destinations.

The app offers many other additional features and tools for drivers. With this app, users can purchase motorway e-tickets, browse or post car sale advertisements, track car expenses, check vehicle history, and find the cheapest fuel nearby. A directory of workshops and services helps locate reliable mechanics and professionals to maintain smooth car performance. Yanosik’s all-encompassing features make it a must-have app for drivers in Poland, whether they’re looking to avoid speeding tickets, optimize routes, or manage car-related expenses.

Download Yanosik Antiradar & Navigation APK

Application NameYanosik Antiradar & Navigation
Latest Version4.0.1.0
File Size87.83 MB
File NameYanosik.apk
Developed bySamuele Rini
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded On19-September-2023

Yanosik Antiradar & Navigation APK- Main Features

Here are some of the features that you will get to explore while using this ultimate android app–

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  • Safety Notifications – Yanosik’s warning system notifies drivers of speed checks, accidents, unmarked police cars, and speed cameras, ensuring safety on the road.
  • Traffic Avoidance – Yanosik’s SmartTraffic system helps drivers avoid traffic jams, save time, and reach their destination faster.
  • Address Database – Yanosik’s database of millions of addresses helps drivers find their desired location without needing additional navigation tools.
  • Car-Related Services – Yanosik provides various car-related services, including buying motorway e-tickets, finding cheap fuel, checking vehicle history and expenses, and locating workshops.
  • Advertisements – Through Yanosik’s Autoplac service, drivers can post and browse car sale advertisements, making it easy to buy or sell cars.
  • Insurance – Yanosik provides car insurance at an attractive price, ensuring coverage in case of an accident or unexpected event.
  • Fine Information – Yanosik features current tariff information on fines and penalty points, helping drivers stay informed about potential consequences of violating traffic rules.
  • Additional Features – Yanosik offers additional features such as adding regular routes to favorites, calling roadside assistance and emergency services, subscribing to a professional hand car wash, and ordering products from the store or connecting additional devices.

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