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Finally, this morning, one of the most awaited smartwatches from Xiaomi, the Mitu Kids 7X, has been spotted online on the GSMA IMEI Database. This new offering is an upgraded version of the MITU C7A. According to officials, this watch will feature some of the most advanced child-tracking features and will be a low-budget smartwatch. Now let us talk about the other key specifications of this device.

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X

As we all know, Xiaomi is one of the most trustworthy and budget-friendly brands in the world. The company has now become a tech giant and has started making smartwatches, aiming to capture this market as well. Xiaomi has done a great job in the adult wearables sector, but now the company is focusing on the kids’ smartwatch market, which is one of the world’s biggest. Earlier, it launched the MITU C7A smartwatch, a reliable product that gained good popularity among people. Building on the success of the previous model, the new Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is already creating a buzz. Here’s what we know so far.

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X Specifications

Model number & Cellular Connectivity

The model number of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is MTSB25XUN, and according to the officials, the smartwatch’s listing in the IMEI database strongly suggests cellular connectivity. This feature will enable kids to make both audio and video calls, which is a crucial function for child safety, ensuring that parents can reach their kids anytime.

Sturdy Design and Battery

Though we don’t have official details on the design, we can expect a sturdy build and vibrant colors based on Xiaomi’s past products. The watch will likely be water-resistant, perfect for active kids. And it will be available in 5 colors Pink, Blue, Orange, Black and Grey. According to rumors the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X will be backed by 1100 mAH and will offer 32 hours of backup in standby mode.

Camera, Microphone & GPS

The new Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X will be equipped with a camera, microphone, and built-in GPS. These features could be useful for video calls and might add an extra layer of safety. Now, parents do not have to buy a special device to track their children; they can directly trace their location with the help of GPS. The GPS model of this watch will cost $50 more, making it a more value-for-money product

Educational Apps and Other Features

The watch will probably offer educational apps to help kids learn while they play. Other likely features include Video calling, audio calling, GPS basic workout modes, and real-time location tracking.

Price and Release Date

While we still don’t have confirmed information on the price or release date, the watch is expected to be released by the end of the month, October 2023, and the expected price of this device is around CNY 299.

The upcoming Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is gaining attention for all the right reasons. It’s expected to be a complete package, offering both fun and safety features for kids. We’re eagerly waiting for more details and will keep this article updated.

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