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Download Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer APK

Application NameXiaomi Contacts and Dialer
PublisherXiaomi Inc
Latest Version
File NameXiaomi-Contacts.apk
File Size15.73 MB
Minimum Requirements Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On22-December-2023

Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer for Android

In the recent years, it has been seen that Xiaomi smartphones have gone through some major developments. In the recent models, people have experienced some major changes in the software. Although, most of the features are really amazing and people are loving them but there’s this one thing that is troubling a lot of people is the changes made in dialer. Xiaomi has added Google Phone app to its dialer and people have no more access to the original Xiaomi dialer. Here, in this article, we are introducing you guys to one app that will help you to restore the dialer which you earlier used to have and its name is Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer.

Right from the name Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer, you can easily guess that what this app is all about. It is going to help you guys to easily restore the original Xiaomi dialer on your devices and have the complete familiar experience. The best thing about this app is that it is highly compatible with all the MI devices. This is the best app for all those people who do not like the new Google dialer addition to the Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer APK- Main Features

Here are all the features that you will get to experience with this app –

  • Original Xiaomi Dialer Experience– All those people who do not like or are facing some kind of difficulty with the Google dialer that Xiaomi has introduced, this app is the right choice for them. With the help of Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer app, you will be having a complete original like experience.
  • Highly Compatible– If you are wondering whether your Mi smartphone is compatible with this app or not then you all should know that this app can be used on any Mi smartphone which means you ain’t going to face any compatibility issue here.
  • Easy Installation– When it comes to APKs, a lot of people tend to get sceptical about such apps because they tend to get quite difficult to download as well as to install. However, with Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer app, you won’t any such difficulty as it is completely easy to download and install on to your device. You won’t be facing any such difficulties with this app.
  • Call Recording Function– Call Recording is the function that helps us to record calls so that we can have record of any important call. This app comes with this special feature of call recording so that you don’t need any other third-party app for that.

How to Download Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer

Now you must be wondering that how you can download this app on to your device. Well, here we are going to tell you a few simple steps through which you can easily download and install it on to your device –

  1. First of all, download the apk file of Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer from the link that we have provided you here.
  2. Once it is downloaded, go to the downloads section of your Xiaomi smartphone and there find this recently downloaded apk file.
  3. Tap on the file and it will automatically download it on to your device, you just need to keep following all the steps that prompt on your screen and you are all set!

So, all the Xiaomi smartphone users, you all need to try this app out. Download it now!

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