Winbox 3.28- Download for Windows 64-bit/ 32-bit | Latest Version 2023

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All the people out there who are quite familiar with technology these days, must have heard about MikroTik which is a software company based in Latvia. It is the company that is very well known for both wired as well as wireless network routers and a lot more, across the world. Now if you are familiar with this then you must be aware of Winbox as well which is a simple function that helps MikroTik with Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is highly useful.

Download Winbox for PC/Laptop (Windows 32bit & 64-bit) | Latest Version 2023

Application NameWinbox
Developed byMikroTik
Latest Version 3.28
File NameWinbox.exe
Operating SystemWindows
Minimum Requirements 2GB RAM
Uploaded On11-August-2021

Winbox 2021- Main Features

Here today, we are introducing you guys to the Winbox program and are its features in this article. With the help of Winbox, the MikroTik RouterOS is able to use an extremely fast as well as simple GUI. Here are some of the amazing things that Winbox has to offer–

  • Extended Validation Certificate– It has been seen that Winbox comes along with an Extended Validation Certificate which guarantees you its legitimacy as it is the highest level SSL certificate that one can get.
  • Uses ECSRP– Another amazing thing about Winbox is that it uses ECSRP, particularly for authentication and key exchange. It has also been specified by the developers that in order to enjoy this, the users need to have a new Winbox version.
  • No Middle Attacks– It is quite common to get hacked or attacked while working online but here Winbox assures you that both the sides know the password. Hence, it assured you that there are zero chances of any kind of middle attack.
  • Latest Encryption Algorithm– Encryption plays a really important role in these type of things and here you will see that Winbox uses the latest encryption algorithm which is AES128-CBC-SHA.
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These are some of the super amazing features that Winbox comes along. One thing that you need to make sure is that all these amazing security features are available with the latest Winbox version.

How to Use Winbox in Windows 32-bit & 64bit

Now comes the operating part! Here we are going to tell you how you can use Winbox –

  1. The first thing that you all need to know is that you can easily download Winbox loader from the download page of MikroTik or you can also click on the direct link that we have provided here.
  2. Once Winbox has been successful downloaded, you need to double click on this downloaded file. Once you double click on it, it will directly open the Winbox loader window.
  3. Here you will see that Winbox offers two different loader modes, one is Simple and another one is Advanced.
  4. When you open the Winbox loader, it will directly open in the Simple mode by default which will help you guys to get familiar with the framework and the interface.
  5. Once you are completely familiar with the Simple mode of Winbox loader and is quite confident of how to operate it, you can switch to the Advance Mode. In order to do that, you will head towards Tools section and from there, click on Advance mode. This will instantly switch to the advanced mode and you will be able to explore a lot of other things as well which were not there in the simple mode.

You can see the simple mode as the beginners version and advanced mode as a pro version. Hence, you got to use both of them accordingly. There is not any compulsion that you need to first use the simple mode, if you’ve used it before then you can directly switch to the advanced one!

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