Why Has Tiktok Been Banned in India?

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Back in 2020, when Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, India took some major decisions against the apps from China. There are several ground reasons behind this decision but the major one that the Indian Government has explained is that these apps are using the data of the users, illegally. Hence, step has been taken to protect the privacy of Indian users. Among all the 59 apps that have been banned by the Indian government, Tiktok is the one that has affected the lives of many content creators, across the country.

According to the claims by the Indian Government, all the Chinese apps that are being banned were collecting information from the user’s phones illegally. This happens when the users download the app on their devices and starts using it.

In order to use the app, people tend to give it access to many things on our devices and hence they steal the information without the user’s knowledge. Indian Government has also claimed that these apps can also lead to a threat to the nation’s security hence, this decision is in everyone’s favour.

In October 2022, Tiktok has given a statement that they are not influenced by any foreign government which also includes the Chinese government for that matter. Along with this, they have also claimed that the app does not even operate in China and the company neither have any plans to do so. Although this is a justification from Tiktok’s side this shows that even before the ban by the Indian government, Tiktok was accused of misusing the user’s data as this statement is from 2022.

In response to the accusations of misusing the data by the Chinese government, Tiktok has clarified that all the data that is stored by the company is not in China and hence, it does not fall under Chinese Law. Nikhil Gandhi, the head of Tiktok in India, also hit back to the Indian Government after Tiktok was banned and accused of misusing the data. According to his statement, Tiktok follows all the data privacy and security requirements that falls under the Indian law. Along with this, he also mentioned that they has not shared any kind of information or user’s data with any foreign government including Chinese government.

This ban has caused a major hurdle in the career of Indian content creators who have received fame due to this app only. Many of the content creators of tik Tokers have supported this action taken by the Indian government and has given the statement that they stand with their country and government’s decision. However, there are many who are demanding/requesting the government to introduce an alternative to Tiktok for Indians which can be used in the same way.

On June 29, 2020, India has banned 59 Chinese apps which includes Tiktok, WeChat, ShareIt and many other famous apps by claiming that their information might be misused. Soon after this announcement, there were clashes at the India-China border in the Galwan Valley which comes in the Himalayan region of North India. Although this is not the first time when there have been clashes between both the countries on border as this conflict has been going on for decades. Chinese Government has accused India for building a road along the Line of Actual Control which is the border of both the countries.


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