What Does LTTP Mean and How to Use it?


These days, it has been seen that the use of slangs and abbreviations has been increased to a very great extent. Most of the people out there generally uses abbreviations while talking to someone over text or posting something on social media. One such abbreviation is LTTP which actually stands for “Late to the Party”. If you are active on social media then you must have come across this widely and most popular abbreviations out there.

People are literally going crazy over it and there are many people out there who are not even aware of it. Whenever they hear this abbreviation, they tend to get confused that what this exactly mean. So, here in this article we are going to tell you that what this abbreviation actually mean and where and when you can use this while talking to someone or while posting something on social media.

Now you must be wondering that what this abbreviation actually mean? If you go to the literal meaning of LTTP then it means that you are late to the party or somewhere else where you were required to be on time. However, actually it is used when someone is being aware of something later than others. People uses LTTP in both uppercase and lowercase letters, there is not any difference in them. It has been seen that people started using LTTP during early 2000s but it has become popular recently only. People used this abbreviation for someone who is outdated about anything.

Here is how you guys can use LTTP at different places which is going to help you a lot –

How to Use LTTP On Social Media

On social media, you can use LTTP when you are late at something important like any special event or a huge conversation. This could be understood when someone starts talking about any trend or something viral, when it is already outdated.

A good example would be – When you start talking about a viral video months after it went viral, then you use the phrase LTTP or the viewers can also comment on your post or reply to your comment by saying that you are LTTP.

Use LTTP in Conversations

These days it is very common to use certain phrases, quotations or abbreviations while chatting with someone. We have become completely used to it and this is the reason why we frequently use them in our conversations. Same is the case with LTTP and you can use this phrase in your conversations whenever you are late to any particular event or any other thing like that.

Sometimes it also happens that everyone else were talking about something and you entered the conversation quite late than everyone else in the group, then you can say “I’m LTTP and catch up with others.

You can use LTTP anywhere, be it on social media or while texting someone. This abbreviation will also make you look cool and you do not have to say anything else in explanation. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind is that LTTP is an informal phrase or abbreviation that you can use while casually chatting with your friends or colleagues but it cannot be used for any formal purpose. You should avoid using such phrases while formally addressing to someone or writing a letter.

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