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Download Weather By Xiaomi APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameWeather By Xiaomi
Developed byXiaomi Inc.
Latest VersionG-
File NameWeather.apk
File Size19.01 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded Oon28-January-2024

Weather- By Xiaomi for Android

Getting weather updates have got really very easy these days because there are a lot of apps out there that provides us real-time weather updates. For those, who are looking for one such amazing app, they can simply go for Weather – By Xiaomi. This is one of the best weather update app that you guys can try out and is available to download for all the android devices out there. 

Weather by Xiaomi is an ultimate app that will give you real-time weather updates so you will always be alert for upcoming weather. You will get current temperature, AQI, rain forecast and other such things for your location. It uses this dynamic UI which will keep changing according to the weather outside which makes the app more fun to use. Here, the users can add different cities so that you can check the weather forecast for those areas as well. It is going to be really convenient if you are planning for a trip to another city. 

Weather By Xiaomi APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most amazing features that this app has to provide you guys –

  • Temperature Updates – It provides you real-time temperature updates for the whole day and night. Along with the current temperature, you will also get to know the highest and lowest temperature for a day. 
  • Check AQI – Air Quality Index will tell you about the amount of pollution in your location. You will also be getting AQI alerts which is going to be really very helpful for the ones with breathing problems. Now you will be well prepared in advance especially when you are travelling to a different city.
  • Interesting UI – The user interface used here is ultimate as it will keep on changing according to the weather outside. If the weather is sunny, UI will be bright with a sun, if it’s raining outside it will turn cloudy, during night it will turn dark. This is simply making the app a lot more interesting to use.
  • Add Different Cities – You can add up to 10 different cities here so that you can quickly check the weather of those cities. You can add your hometown or a city where you are planning to go on a trip! It is going to make things convenient and will prepare you in advance for the weather there. 
  • 5 Day Forecast – It provides you a 5 day forecast so that you always stay prepared for the upcoming weather. It will show you if it is going to rain or snow in the next 5 days or other such updates.
  • UV Index – The app also provides you the proper UV Index for your area so that you know if you need to apply sunscreen and for how long.
  • Sunrise Sunset Timings – Here the users will get proper sunset and sunrise timings for their location or other cities that they have added here. 
  • Fog Forecast – Along with the proper rain forecast for your area, you will also be getting the fog forecast for the whole day and night.
  • Free to Use – This has to be the most important thing because who doesn’t love free things?! Here you are getting all these amazing things for absolutely free which is just amazing!

There are a lot of other features as well that you guys will get to explore. So, download it now and stay up to date with the weather in your area or anywhere else that you want!

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