Vive Le Football Download 2024| Latest Version 2.1.0 [APK]

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Vive Le Football for Android

Vive Le Football is a new soccer android game created by the NetEase studio. Fans of soccer games can now download the game and take charge of their dream team, make important decisions and play exciting matches. The game stands out for its high technical quality, realistic 3D graphics, and the inclusion of real players from different leagues including AC Milan. The controls are complex but intuitive, and change depending on whether the player has possession of the ball or is defending.

The game also offers the option to play with touch buttons or connect a controller. One of the unique features of Vive Le Football is the ability to play in both large stadiums and street soccer games, and choose different game modes such as PvE, PvP, 3v3 or 2v2. The game also includes different leagues and an interesting story mode. Players can customize their coach and team in the game, and the transfer market is based on the classic gacha system. If you’re a fan of sports simulators, this game is a great option and perfect for fans of FIFA, PES, or other eFootball games, as it can be played anytime, anywhere.

Download Vive Le Football APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameVive Le Football
CategoryFootball Game
Developed byNetease
File Size178.2 MB
Latest Version1.6 GB
File NameVive-Le-Football.apk
Minimum Requirements Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Uploaded On20-January-2023

Vive Le Football 2024 APK- Main Features

  • Intelligent AI– The app features an advanced game engine developed by Messiah, which delivers a highly realistic and seamless soccer experience. This next-generation engine is also integrated with intelligent AI, creating a realistic and true-to-life representation of the sport, with AI-controlled moves that mimic real-world football.
  • Authentic Developed byization of FIFPro and Giants Club– The game has official Developed byization from FIFPro and Giants Club, allowing players to get their favorite players in the game and build their own powerful teams.
  • Re-enactment of Real League Mode– The game features diverse gameplay options such as League Road, Ranking, and Story Mode to meet the needs of different players. Players can challenge AI with different difficulties in the league to win the cup, compete with other players in the qualifying match, or join in Classic battles that look back on history in the game.
  • Original 3V3 Streetball Real Competition– In addition to traditional PVP/PVE modes, Vive le Football also includes a new street football 3v3 gameplay mode. In this mode, players control one player and team up with two other teammates to show various fancy moves to win the game.
  • Luxury 3D Club Lobby– Players can have their own football club, move around freely in the 3D lobby, and have conversations with many NPCs to discover more ways of playing. Players can also customize their club hall to create a club hall of their own style.

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