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Tuning Club Online for Android

Tuning Club Online is an innovative real-time driving game for Android that provides a unique experience, setting it apart from traditional racing games. Instead of competing against ghost racers or bots, players can build their dream car and race with friends and rivals around the world. The game offers a variety of modes such as free ride and chat, speed race, drift mode, hold the crown, and bomb mode, ensuring players can find a mode that suits their preferences. Additionally, players can pick up boosters on the levels to slow down opponents, earn money, get nitro, pick up the crown or arrange a real bombardment, adding a fun arcade element to the game.

Not only does Tuning Club Online offer diverse gameplay, but it also allows players to extensively customize their vehicles. Visual tuning options include bumpers, body kits, hoods, spoilers, vinyls or skins, tires, and wheels, letting players create a unique style for their car. They can also install quirky add-ons such as police and FBI lights, taxi signs, clown heads, and crazy tailpipes. For those interested in performance, the game offers engine tuning, allowing players to build an engine that fits their playing style. By combining rare parts and adjusting suspension, camber, offset, and tire grip, players can become pros and stand out in the competitive world of Tuning Club Online.

Download Tuning Club Online APK

Application NameTuning Club Online
CategoryCar Racing Game
File NameTuning-Club-Online.apk
Version Name2.3461
File Size101.66 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.1 (Lollipop MR1, API 22)
Updated On29-January-2024

Tuning Club Online APK- Main Features

These are the list of features of the Tuning Club Online Android game-

  • Variety of Modes – The app features multiple game modes for diverse gameplay experiences, allowing players to engage with the game in different ways.
  • Free Ride and Chat – In this mode, players can enjoy a leisurely drive and chat with friends, fostering a sense of community within the game.
  • Speed Race – This mode challenges players to push their cars to the maximum power and compete in high-speed races.
  • Drift Mode – Players can leave smoking trails on the track as they master the art of drifting in this thrilling mode.
  • Hold the Crown and Bomb Modes – In hold the crown mode, players fight for supremacy, while bomb mode adds an element of suspense as players avoid getting caught.
  • Arcade – The app provides an arcade feature where players can pick up boosters for various advantages, such as slowing down opponents, earning money, and acquiring nitro.
  • Visual Tuning – The app offers extensive car customization options, including bumpers, body kits, hoods, spoilers, vinyls, skins, tires, and wheels, for a truly unique style.
  • Additional Customization – Players can further personalize their cars with police and FBI lights, taxi signs, clown heads, and crazy tailpipes.
  • Engine Tuning – The app allows players to build engines that fit their playing style, combining rare parts with unique qualities, and adjusting suspension, camber, and offset.
  • Legendary Cars – The app features a variety of legendary cars for tuning, such as the E36, RX7, Skyline, and Evolution, providing over a million possible combinations for players to express their creativity and become champions in the arena.

There’s got to be a lot more than this that you guys will get to enjoy while playing Tuning Club Online APK on your Android Phones. It is one of the best car racing apps available in our store out there. So, what else are you waiting for? Download it now and enjoy!

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