Traffic Rider 1.99 APK- Download| Latest Version 2024

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Download Traffic Rider APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameTraffic Rider
PublisherSoner Kara
Latest Version1.99
File NameTraffic-Rider.apk
File Size159.5 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On17-February-2024

Traffic Rider for Android

Android racing games have many different genres but one of the most beloved is bike racing games. These games aim to replicate the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle, often through the use of realistic physics and control systems that allow players to experience the speed and adrenaline of motorcycle racing. Within bike racing games, Traffic riding games stands out as a distinct subgenre that simulates the experience of navigating through heavy traffic on a motorcycle. One of the most popular games in this subgenre is Traffic Rider. Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game that allows players to get behind the handlebars of a motorcycle and speed through traffic on straight highways. The game offers an exhilarating experience as players pass other cars and avoid obstacles, all while not having to worry about sharp turns or complex track designs.

The gameplay of Traffic Rider is similar to its predecessor, Traffic Racer, as both games are developed by the same team. In this game, players have to control a motorcycle and navigate it through traffic while avoiding collisions. The controls are simple and well-implemented, with players using the right handlebar to accelerate and the left one to stop, and tilting the device to tilt the bike from side to side. The game encourages players to pass other vehicles as closely as possible for extra points. Traffic Rider offers a wide variety of options for players, including 20 different motorcycles to choose from, each with increasing power and performance. Players start with a low-power bike, but quickly unlock larger and more powerful ones as they progress through the game. The game features many different environments, including urban and rural locations, that can be raced through at different times of day such as early morning, noon, and night. One of the main highlighted features of Traffic Rider is its immersive graphics, which add to the realism of the game and make it stand out from other motorcycle racing games on Android. The game also has several different game modes and dozens of racing events. Now let us talk about the features of this game in detail.

Traffic Rider 2024 APK- Main Features

  • First-Person Camera View– Traffic Rider allows players to experience the game from a first-person perspective, giving a more immersive and realistic feel to the game. This allows players to see the motorcycle and the environment from the rider’s point of view.
  • 29 Motorbike– The game has a large selection of motorcycles to choose from, allowing players to pick the bike that best suits their playing style or personal preference. Each motorcycle has its own unique characteristics, such as speed, handling, and acceleration, which can affect the player’s performance in the game.
  • Real Sound Effects– The game features realistic sound effects that are recorded from real motorcycles. This adds to the realism and immersion of the game, making the racing experience feel more authentic.
  • Detailed Graphics– The game features a variety of detailed environments, including urban and rural locations. These environments can be raced through at different times of day, such as early morning, noon, and night, which adds to the variety and replayability of the game.
  • Career mode with 70 Missions– The game has a career mode that features over 70 missions for players to complete. These missions can range from simple time trials to more challenging races and stunts. Completing these missions can earn players points, and cash, and unlock new motorcycles.
  • Online Leaderboards and more than 30 Achievements- The game has online leaderboards that allow players to compete against other players from around the world. The game also has over 30 achievements for players to unlock, which can be a source of additional motivation and replayability for some players.
  • Support for 19 Different Languages– The game is available in 19 different languages, making it accessible to players from a variety of different countries and regions.
  • The Faster you Ride, the more Scores you Earn: The game rewards players for going fast and completing tracks in quick time. In this way, player get to earn points for every time they complete the track.
  • Earn extra Bonus Scores and Cash– Players can earn extra bonus scores and cash by passing other cars on the road at high speeds, and by performing wheelies while riding. Additionally, players can also earn extra scores and cash by driving in the opposite direction on two-way roads.

Overall, Traffic Rider is an outstanding motorcycle racing game that offers a great level of realism and immersion, with intuitive controls and a wide variety of options and events that allow players to fully experience the thrill of racing on two wheels. It includes outstanding visuals, several game modes and dozens of racing events making it one of the best motorcycle games on Android. So, what else are you waiting for? Download Traffic Rider APK now and enjoy your ride.

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