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Download Trade Me APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameTrade Me
PublisherTrade Me
Latest Version151.0
File NameTrade-Me.apk
File Size32.51 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On24-November-2023

Trade Me – buy & sell for Android

Trade Me is among the most popular and frequently downloaded Android apps in New Zealand. This app offers an online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand products. It has transformed the traditional marketplace, paving the way for a new digital era. With its user-friendly interface, individuals can seamlessly explore various items. The app boasts a wide range of products, from everyday household essentials to cars, buses, lands, and homes. A standout feature is its meticulously designed search bar. Users can input keywords or images, and the app swiftly displays the relevant product.

Not only is Trade Me advantageous for buyers, but it also revolutionizes the selling experience. It provides sellers with a straightforward platform to list their items, manage auctions, and communicate with potential buyers. The Watchlist feature enhances convenience, allowing users to monitor items they’re interested in. Given the options for bidding and direct purchases, the buying process is flexible and can cater to everyone’s needs. The presence of a secure payment gateway, which accepts both debit and credit card transactions, instills confidence in a secure trading environment.

Going beyond mere buying and selling, the app promotes community interaction. Users can pose questions about products and also answer them. This exchange of information promotes transparency and aids users in making informed choices. The feedback system further fosters trust, enabling buyers to assess a seller’s credibility. If you reside in New Zealand and aim to buy or sell household items online without intermediaries, Trade Me stands as an ideal choice.

Trade Me 2024 APK- Main Features

There are a lot of other amazing features that you are going to experience while using Trade Me and here are a few of them –

  • Search by keyword or image – The feature allows you to look for items by typing in words or by uploading a picture. This makes finding what you want fast and easy.
  • Browse and filter all Trade Me categories – With the help of this feature, you can look through different categories on Trade Me. You can also set filters to narrow down your search.
  • Add, view, and remove Watchlist items – This feature allows you to add items you like but aren’t ready to buy to your Watchlist. You can see these items later and remove them when you want.
  • Bid on items or Buy Now – You can place bids on items up for auction using this feature. If you don’t want to wait, some items have a ‘Buy Now’ option to purchase them right away.
  • Add items to your Shopping Cart – You can add more than one thing to your cart with the help of this feature. This way, you can buy them all together.
  • Pay using your card or Trade Me account – The feature allows you to pay for your items with a credit or debit card. Or you can use money from your Trade Me account.
  • Save searches as Favourites – You can save searches you use often with this feature. This way, you can find it quickly next time.
  • Ask and answer questions – This feature allows you to ask the seller questions about an item. Sellers can answer these questions for everyone to see.
  • Find Help and advice – With the help of this feature, the app offers guidance on how to use it and tips for buying and selling.
  • List items to sell – You can put up something you don’t need for sale on the app with this feature.
  • Receive notifications – The feature allows you to get notices about important things. Like when someone bids on your item. You can get these notices in the app or as push notifications.
  • Use member feedback – Before you buy, you can see feedback about the seller from other members using this feature. This helps you decide if you want to buy from them.
  • Become an authenticated member – By proving who you are with this feature, you get special benefits on Trade Me. This makes buying and selling even better.

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