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Tor Browser for Android

We all keep searching for a good private web browser that we can use without worrying about anyone tracking us or seeing what we are doing online. These days, there are so many of them available in the store out there and here we also have a really amazing one called Tor Browser. This browser is offered by the Tor Project and is made compatible with android devices and is available on Google Play Store.

Tor Browser is a kind of browser that will help you browse online while keeping those trackers at bay. You can freely browse whatever you want and there won’t be any threat of trackers or hackers that might affect you. Along with this, the best thing that you all are going to love is that it prevents all the ads that keep coming up every now and then. This simply means there won’t be any kind of disturbance while you are browsing. It is going to be the best browser for all those people out there who keeps their privacy at utmost priority. It uses multi-layered encryption which again contributes in protecting your privacy while browsing. What else can you ask for from any web browser?

Download Tor Browser APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameTor Browser
CategoryAndroid Game
PublisherThe Tor Project
Latest Version115.2.1-beta (13.5a4) (2016000505)
File NameTor-Browser.apk
File Size95.08 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On06-February-2024

Tor Browser 2024 APK- Main Features

There are some really exciting features that you all are going to get while using Tor Browser and here we are introducing you to a few of them –

  • Private Browsing – Most of us prefer to browse privately as this is something that we don’t want others to see. With the help of Tor Browser, you guys will be having a complete private browsing experience.
  • Block Trackers – While browsing online, you must have seen that there are a lot of trackers who keep tracking us and are threat to our privacy and might cause some other harm as well. This app will help you guys to block all the trackers so that your privacy stay intact.
  • Highly Encrypted – The best part here is that the browser is highly encrypted. This means that it uses three layered encryption which ensures that all your data is secured and is not accessible to any third party user.
  • Ad-Free – One of the most annoying thing that most of us face are these annoying ads. You must have seen that the ads keep coming up every now and then and disturbs us by showing all the unnecessary things. However, with Tor Browser, you will be having a complete ad-free experience of browsing.
  • Easy UI – Among all the things that this browser has to offer you, one of the mot important is the user interface. The user interface needs to be highly attractive and simple at the same and here you are getting both.
  • Unblock Sites – A lot of time while browsing you must have seen that there are several sites that are being blocked. Well, through Tor Browser, you guys will be able to access all those sites that were blocked by your internet service provider due to some reasons.
  • Free of Cost – On the top of everything, the best part is that this browser is absolutely free of cost. You do not need to pay anything to either download or to use the browser on your Android smartphone.

There’s got to be a lot more than this that you’ll get to explore while using the browser. So, download it now and enjoy!

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