Top Role Playing Android Games Available in USA

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Role-playing games are the kind of games that are loved by each and everyone out there who loves to play video games. There are numerous of these games that are available in the store and this is the reason why we are unable to find the best ones. Well, here we are providing you with the list of top role-playing android games in the USA and this will cover all the top-ranked games that are worth the try!

  1. Disney Mirrorverse – Here, the first one in the list is Disney Mirrorverse that is going to take you all back to the Disney world. You will get to play along with those famous Disney and Pixar characters here. There are a lot of things that you are going to experience here like –
    • The most important thing is the storyline and here you are getting a really exciting one that will make you all nostalgic as it takes you to the Disney world.
    • The players will get to play along with those famous characters that will add more fun to the game.
    • There will be team-based action combat where you will be fighting battles along with your teams which is just amazing.
  2. Diablo Immortal – The next one in the list is Diablo Immortal which is a massively multiplayer online role playing game and is equally amazing. Here are some of it’s features that you surely need to know –
    • Get ready for some intense actions as here you will be fighting a lot of battles against your opponents.
    • It provides you great flexibility when it comes to character customization and this is going to be quite interesting.
    • As it is an action game, you guys will be surrounded by some lethal weapons that are going to help you while playing.
    • It is a multiplayer game hence, the players will have the opportunity to play this amazing game along with their friends to add more fun to it.
  3. Hero Ball Z – Idle RPG – Hero Ball Z is an ultimate role playing game that is launched by JOYCITY Corp. You guys are going to experience a lot of amazing things in this game and here are a few of those –
    • The game features some really extraordinary heroes that are going to literally blow you mind as you will get to play along with them.
    • It has a really interesting gameplay that is going to give you a quite different experience of playing a role playing game.
    • The players will be building their powerful teams that will be helping them to fight different battles in the game.
  4. Dog Life Simulator – Have you ever played a role playing game that is all about fun and new adventure. If not then, here is a game called Dog Life Simulator which is just for you, let’s have a look at it –
    1. For all the dog lovers out there, this is the best game for you guys as here you will be actually living the life of a dog.
    2. It is a narrative game where you will be having the complete power to make all the choices.
    3. It is also a kind of virtual reality game where you will be on different adventures and it is going to simply blow your mind.
  5. RAID: Shadow Legends – It is the kind of role playing game that comes with some intense action and here are a few things that you’ll get here –
    1. The players will be fighting some epic battles against their opponents.
    2. You will get to experience amazing 3D graphics that will give a realistic experience of playing.
    3. Here you will experience an amazing strategic gameplay that will surely blow your mind.
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