Top 5 Upcoming Android Racing Games- Feb 2020

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Racing games are everybody’s favourite since ages and because of this reason, these games coming up in the market one after another. There are a lot of them so here in this article, we are going to tell you about the top 5 upcoming android games.

Forza Street

Well this game is the most famous among this genre and all the racing game lovers are well aware about this one. This game was released for Windows earlier and has gain a lot of popularity and now the developers are all set to produce it for the android device. The game has been developed in a user friendly interface so that you will not be facing any problem while playing it on a small device that is mobile phone. It is expected to be released very soon in the month of May 2020 until then you will have to wait for the release.

Project Cars GO

This game is the second one in the list but not any less in the entertainment. You are going to enjoy this game to the fullest. It is from the series Project Cars and earlier they used to release all of their games for gaming consoles and PC but now you will be able to play this game on android also as the developers have decided to release this version for android devices. The game will be completely free so you won’t even have to pay to have this ultimate fun. You will experience a lot of amazing and latest features in this game. It will be released anytime soon so till then wait for it.

Gran Turismo 7

It is a super amazing game that has been developed by a vey famous game developers named Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Well, this game might not be a new one for those who are racing game lovers but it is still going to be very exciting for them because this time they are realising it for the android devices!! Earlier it was available only for PlayStation 4 but now the players would be able to play this super amazing game on their mobile phones also. Here you will get a complete console like experience because the developers have worked really hard to give you that exact same experience on your android phones. You will have super smooth controls here and a lot more that you will discover once it is released.

Drift 19

You can imagine the level of the game by its name only that it is going to be very exciting and amazing. Here you are going to be the master of drifting through this game. There will be a lot of players also with whom you will be racing and drifting. Releasing such type of game on an android device is something very cool and unexpected. It will be released very soon in the coming months.

TT Isle of Man

This game is named on a motorcycle sport event that is all about racing and winning. This one is the game for all the bike lovers out there! You guys will go crazy over this game once it will be released. Here you will experience super amazing and realistic graphics which will add more fun to your game and a lot of more things which are unique in their own way.

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