Top 5 Free Android Games of the Year 2019

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These days there are a lot of amazing android games that are coming in the market one after another. It gets very confusing to choose the best ones from the numerous games available so here we are going to tell you top 5 android games for the month of December 2019.  If you want to play these games on private servers then you can directly contact us through our contact page. Now let us talk about the 5 best android games of the year 2020 and some of their basic features.

Top 5 android games of December 2019:-

1. Call of Duty – This game comes at the top of this list and you will get to know why once you read the description of this game.

    • It is a free android game available for all android phones.
    • HD console-quality with 3D graphics and amazing sound quality to give you the best experience that you ever had.
    • There are exciting gaming modes to keep your excitement and curiosity at the top while playing the game.
    • A lot of famous characters with dozens of weapons and outfits. Here you will get a lot of customization options also to make it more interesting.

2. Minecraft Earth – All of us must have imagined playing augmented reality games where you can feel like home. Here is one of the amazing game of this kind that is Minecraft Earth.

    • This game comes with a very amazing and exciting gameplay that will let you keep going with it more and more.
    • Here you would find different and super interesting gaming modes that will give you excitement plus thrill at the same time.
    • The game is absolutely free to play so you do not have to worry about anything.
    • It comes with super amazing visual and sound quality that you are going to simply love.

3.  Apex Legends season 3 – Battle royale games are the most famous and everybody’s favourite these days. Apex legends is a series in which they are all set to release its season 3 nos.

    • This season will come with all new characters which will include the famous ones.
    • There will be amazing customization options in which you can change the skin of your character plus there are lot of amazing weapons also.
    • You do not have to buy any subscription as this one is a free to play game.
    • There are a lot of new things that are added to this season. You will also see a lot of changes in the map also so you will get to explore many new places.
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4. Second galaxy – Sci-fi has been our most favourite genre since childhood only and there are a lot of games that are based on it. Here is one amazing sci-fi game that will include all the latest features.

    • First of all the best thing is that it is absolutely free to play.
    • Here you will fight many intense battles with other players.
    • It contains total 4,961 galaxies that it a very large number in itself only. You will get to explore all of them.
    • Play online with your friends from anywhere in the world in its multiplayer gaming mode.

5. Football manager 2020– It is a football management game where you will get to run a whole football club all by yourself only.

    • Here you will get to see most of the famous football characters and your favourite one also.
    • Ultimate 3D graphics with excellent HD visuals and sound quality to give you a real-time experience.
    • There will be a lot of customization options where you can completely change the appearance of your player.
    • You can play this game online with your friends also.

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