Top 5 Android Games Available Right Now- Report May 2022

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In the video gaming world, you guys must have seen that there are new releases every other day. Here we are going to tell you the top 5 android games for May 2022 which include different genres and categories.

Call of Duty: Mobile

No matter how many new games comes in the market, this one will be loved forever. Call of Duty: Mobile was first released in 2019 and ever since then, it is staying in the top list of game available out there.

This one is a free-to-play, shooter game that is meant to give you the best experience of playing. The game is available for different platforms which includes all the android devices as well. There are dozens of amazing features and frequent updates that contributes to a better gaming experience.

Echoes of Mana

If you are searching for a latest role playing game to play then here we have Echoes of Mana that has been released recently in the month of April, 2022 and is also available for android devices.

Echoes of Mana is released by Square Enix and is from a really popular Mana franchise so, you can easily get an idea of how amazing this game must be. If you’ve played any game from this franchise then you might have some familiar experience but it also has a lot of new additions as well which makes the game, even more, interesting to play.

Dungeon of Gods

Another one in the list is Dungeon of Gods which is also a free to play, role-playing game where you will encounter a really intense, combat gameplay. The best thing about this game is that it comes with a super easy, one-finger control scheme which has made it really very easy for everyone to play the game on their mobile devices.

Dungeon of Gods was also released back in April only hence you are going to receive fresh and exciting gameplay which will give you a quite unique experience of playing. This one is available for all the android as well as iOS devices out there so, you need not worry about the compatibility here.

Galaxy Arena Space Battles

Strategy games never fails to excite us as these are the kind of games that can be played anytime and you will definitely have the best experience playing them. Here we have a recently released strategy game that is Galaxy Arena Space Battles and the fun part is that it is absolutely free to play so, you need not to worry about the cost here.

Galaxy Arena Space Battles comes with a really strategic plot along with some super amazing and latest features that are simply meant to give you the best gaming experience.

Genshin Impact

Last but not the least in this list is the most famous role playing game, Genshin Impact. The game is well known for its ultimate gameplay that is going to give you the best gaming experience that you can ever imagine. It comes with an ultimate visual experience that you just can’t resist playing. As far as the compatibility is considered, it is available for all the android as well as iOS devices out there so, you need not to worry about that yet. It has been a few years since the release of this game but it is still among the best video game for mobile devices.

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