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Tomb Raider for Android

In the video gaming world, there have been a lot of games which has gained a huge fan following but there are a few which has become phenomenal. One such game is Tomb Raider which is an adventure role-playing game. No one can deny the fact that role-playing games are one of the best games that are having the power to instantly lift up our mood. Tomb Raider is one of those few games that never fail to impress the players every time they play it.

Here in Tomb Raider, you guys are having the best of everything which means from the gameplay to graphics to its amazing features, there is nothing that is going to disappoint you at any time. The story has been set up in an unchartered island where the main player, Lara Croft is fighting for her survival and doing all the necessary things to save her friends from the demons. You will experience a great adventure in this game which is going to blow your mind. Various arms and weapons are made available for the lead player with the help of which, she will be fighting the battles for her survival.

Download Tomb Raider APK | Latest Version 2021

Application NameTomb Raider
CategoryAndroid Game
Latest Version 23.329
File NameTomb-Raider.apk
Total Size89.27 MB
Minimim RequirementsAndroid
Uploaded On28-June-2021

Tomb Raider 2021 APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most amazing features that you just cannot miss in this game –

  • Super Interesting Gameplay – The gameplay has been designed in such a way that the players are going to feel interested and enthusiastic throughout the game. The whole story will revolve around the lead player called Lara Croft who is fighting for her survival on an uncharted island. It will take you along to Croft’s journey of how she has survived through all of this.
  • Dangerous Weapons – A lot of dangerous weapons are available in the game which is necessary for your survival on such an island. You will be using them against your enemies to save yourself and move further in the game. You have to be very attentive while playing the game as you don’t know what will happen next! You will also get to upgrade your weapons from time to time, with the help of rewards that you get for completing various task and challenges.
  • Hunt Resources – It is impossible for you to live on such an island if you are not having adequate resources. Due to this, you will have to keep hunting and gathering resources as they will be your saviour in this game.
  • Combat and Survival Skills – Lara Croft is already having sufficient combat and survival skills. You just need to pay attention to them and use them wisely because these are the skills that are going to help you a lot while fighting the battles. If you use them wisely, you are going to go a long way in this game.
  • Customization – Customization plays quite an important role in these kinds of games as they help you to keep interested in the game while making it more attractive. You will get various skins in the game through which you will be able to move further in the game.
  • Ultra-Realistic Graphics – Here in this game you guys will see that the developers have used ultra-realistic graphics in the game which are going to give you an ultimate experience of playing. You are going to feel as if you are playing for real.

It is the kind of game that simply does not need any further explanation because of the goodwill it is having. It is going to be the best role playing game that you’ve ever played.

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