Tomato VPN 2.88.18 APK- Download for Android

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Tomato VPN for Android

Looking for a reliable, fast, secure, and affordable VPN for your Android phone? If so, consider downloading Tomato VPN APK. This VPN APK is entirely free, user-friendly, and offers unlimited speed, privacy, and access to geo-restricted content. Tomato VPN allows you to bypass internet censorship and restrictions and provides you the freedom to explore your favorite sites, apps, games, and global video streaming platforms without limitations. It has servers in over 60 different countries.

The main highlight feature of Tomato VPN APK is its top-notch security and privacy features that ensure you stay protected while connected to public Wi-Fi networks or cellular data. It encrypts your internet traffic data, conceals your IP address, and safeguards your personal data from hackers and other malicious threats. Additionally, it offers incognito browsing, Wi-Fi security, and location spoofing benefits without requiring extra software. Tomato VPN is fast, and it automatically connects you to the nearest and quickest server for a seamless online experience.

So, why compromise your online privacy and freedom? Install Free VPN Tomato APK on your Android device today and enjoy a secure, unrestricted Internet experience worldwide.

Download Tomato VPN APK

Application NameTomato VPN
CategoryVPN App
Latest Version2.88.18
File NameTomato-VPN.apk
File Size25.16 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On01-September-2023

Tomato VPN APK- Main Features

These are the list of features of the Tomato VPN Android App-

  • Incognito Browsing– This feature encrypts all your internet traffic for anonymous browsing. You won’t need a separate incognito browser when using this VPN.
  • Wi-Fi Security– The app provides Wi-Fi security by encrypting your online traffic when connected to public hotspots, protecting you from potential risks.
  • Location Spoofer– The app masks your IP address and location and enables you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content worldwide.
  • Easy, Free & Unlimited– The VPN is easy to use with a single tap to connect, offers unlimited speed, and has no usage time restrictions. It is free forever and doesn’t require a credit card or additional permissions.
  • Servers in 60+ Locations– Access servers from over 60 countries such as the United States, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Japan.
  • Unblock Sites, Apps, Games & Global Video Streaming– The VPN allows you to unblock and access any site, app, game, or global video streaming platform by bypassing government censorship and geo-restrictions.
  • Anonymous Connection and Privacy Protection– Your IP address, location, and activities will be masked ensuring your privacy is protected. The VPN keeps no logs and has no DNS leaks.
  • Secure Your Device- The app secures your device’s connection when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data networks, safeguarding your passwords and personal data from potential hacker attacks.
  • Surf Anonymously at Fast Speed– Free VPN Tomato automatically detects your location and connects you to the nearest and fastest server for a faster connection compared to other VPNs.
  • Shield Wi-Fi Hotspot– The app encrypts your network traffic which provides a secure shield for public Wi-Fi hotspots and protecting you from identity theft.
  • Apps Bypass Settings– Customize settings to allow specific apps to use the VPN service, while others can use your original network.
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