Sygic Maps 2024 APK- Download| Latest Version : 23.7.3-2277

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Download Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameSygic GPS Navigation & Maps
DeveloperNeptis SA
Latest Version23.7.3-2277
File Size97.14 MB
File NameSygic.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded On[show_pubished_date]

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps for Android

Sygic is an innovative Android app that has become a trusted GPS Navigation & Maps tool for over 200 million drivers worldwide. The app offers offline maps to its users, who can download the maps onto their phones for storage. The app automatically updates these maps in the background. It also provides live traffic and speed camera alerts in real-time, ensuring users are informed about the latest conditions on the road. The maps provided by the Sygic app are sourced from top providers such as TomTom and cover all countries in the world, enabling navigation without an internet connection. These offline 3D maps are stored directly on your phone and are updated multiple times per year free of charge, ensuring you can always rely on the app for accurate navigation.

The main highlighted feature of this app is its voice-guided GPS navigation system that provides precise directions and spoken street names. The app contains millions of Points of Interest (POI) such as restaurants, petrol pumps, electric charging points, hotels, and spas. These POIs make it a valuable tool for tourists and locals alike. For pedestrians, the app provides walking directions and highlights tourist attractions. Sygic also integrates satellite maps, allowing users to search for a specific address or point of interest in the satellite view. You can also personalize your navigation experience with the ability to customize the navigation arrow, choosing between options like a car, van, or even a formula car.

If you don’t want to install Google Play services due to privacy reasons and wish to avoid using Google Maps, this could be one of the best alternatives for those services.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most amazing features that the users will experience while using Sygic App–

  1. Offline Navigation– Sygic offers 3D offline maps for all countries in the world, which means you can navigate anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  2. Free Regular Map Updates– The maps are updated multiple times per month for free to ensure the most accurate navigation.
  3. Voice-guided Navigation– The app provides precise directions with spoken street names to make it easier for the user to navigate.
  4. Point of Interest (POI)– The app highlights millions of interesting places to enrich your traveling experience.
  5. Walking Directions & Tourist Attractions– The app provides pedestrian GPS navigation for walking and sightseeing.
  6. Satellite Maps– The app allows users to search for addresses, places, or favorite shops in the satellite view.
  7. Custom Navigation Arrow– The app allows users to customize their navigation arrow such as Google Maps.
  8. Real-Time Traffic Information– The app provides real-time traffic information to help users avoid traffic jams and roadblocks.
  9. Android Auto Connectivity– The app offers an Android Auto feature that allows users to connect their phone to the car’s infotainment system.
  10. Advanced Safety Features– The app provides a range of safety features to enhance the driving experience and promote road safety. These include speed limit warnings, dynamic lane assistance, head-up display functionality, sign recognition, and much more.
  11. Dashcam– This is a unique feature that allows you to connect your app to a Dashcam and record videos of the roads. It also automatically saves videos in case of an accident.
  12. Real-Time Route Sharing– The app allows users to share their estimated time of arrival and current position on a map with their friends and colleagues. However, if they want to track your live location, they will also need to install this app
  13. Wrong-way Warning– The app sent alerts to users if they were driving the wrong way.
  14. Parking and Fuel Price Information– The app provides suggestions for parking spots, delivers live updates on parking costs, and furnishes information about fuel prices
  15. Speed Camera Warnings– The app sends real-time speed camera alerts to help users avoid fines.

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