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Sons of the Forest for Android

Horror survival games are one of the most favourite kind of games that are loved by millions of people out there. Now if you love playing such games then you must have heard of The Forest by EndNight Games as it has been one of the most popular game of this genre. It is now coming with its sequel called Sons of the Forest which is also developed by EndNight Games only. The game has not been released yet but it is believed to be released in October 2022.

As The Forest has been a great release, the fans are going crazy over this sequel. Initially the game was set to released in May 2022 but the developers have announced a delay and now it is set to be released in October 2022. Although much details has not been revealed yet but it is quite clear that the gameplay is going to be even more thrilling as compared to the previous one but it’ll still have a lot of elements from it, to make it look familiar for the gamers. It is the much anticipated horror game that is worth all the wait.

Sons of the Forest APK- Main Features

There are a lot of exciting things that you might experience in this sequel. Here we are introducing you to a few of them –

  • Ultimate Gameplay – It is quite obvious that the gameplay is going to be fresh and unique but it is believed that there will be several elements from The Forest. This is going to give a quite familiar experience of playing to all those who have played the first release of the game.
  • Great Surroundings – By the surroundings we mean the entire environment of the game where you will be playing. The whole environment of the game has been setup in such a way that it goes perfectly well with the gameplay and you are going to have the best experience while playing this game.
  • Familiar Characters – If you’ve played The Forest before then you are going to encounter a lot of familiar characters in Sons of the Forest as well. You will get to play along with your most favourite characters from the previous part.
  • Intense Combats – Here, the players will be facing some really intense combat situations against their opponents. You will have to be well prepared, all the time. This is going to help you a lot during the battles and eventually to attain victory.
  • Fight for Survival – In the darkest of the forests, you will have to keep fighting for your survival. You will be equipped with various weapons that you can use to defend yourselves and to defeat your enemies in the game.
  • Realistic Graphics – EndNight has done a really impressive job when it comes to the graphics. For a second you are going to feel as if you are living the reality because the whole game has been setup in ultimate 3D graphics which are literally going to give you an ultra realistic experience of playing.

These are some of the important things that you can guess from the trailer of the game but there’s going to be a lot more than this that you’ll get to experience once the game is released. According to the developers, the confirmed date for the release of Sons of the Forest is going to be in October 2022 and the gamers are eagerly waiting for it.

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