Snapchat Plus 1.7 APK- Download| Latest Version 2022

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Snapchat Plus for Android

All the people who uses social media apps on a daily basis, must be very well aware of Snapchat as it is one of the most used app in this category. There are millions of people across the world who love using Snapchat and all because of its amazing features. Now it is coming up with a brand new update that is going to be a subscription based version called Snapchat Plus. Although there is not any compulsion to opt for subscription but it will offer you some really amazing features that you just can’t resist.

Snapchat Plus is basically an upgraded version of Snapchat that comes with a paid subscription. It is going to be provide you some really amazing features which are not their in the regular one hence, you will be having the best user experience. It will also provide you an early access to all the features that it will introduce which is just amazing. Although this is going to get some great revenue to the firm but Snapchat has stated that they are not seeing it as a revenue source at the moment.

Download Snapchat Plus APK | Latest Version 1.7

Application NameSnapchat Plus
Latest Version1.7
Total Size3.07 MB
File Namesnapchat-plus.apk
Minimum Android RequiredMin: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)
Uploaded On01-July-2022

Snapchat Plus 2022 APK- Main Features

There are many features that you guys are going to get with this new Snapchat Plus and here we are going to tell you a few of them, that we are aware of –

  • Icon Appearance – In any premium subscription, you must have seen that the developers simply open up the scope for customization and here you are going to experience the same. New Snapchat Plus will also provide you this customization option that will allow you to easily alter the appearance of app’s icon.
  • Early Access – Another amazing thing that you all are going to experience while using this new version is the early access. It will provide you early access to all the pre-released features of the game. You will be having early access to them so that you can experience those features before other users who are not paying for the subscription.
  • Privacy Options – This one is going to provide you better privacy options which were not their earlier. Here, you guys will be able to see whoever saw your story more than once. This is quite an amazing feature as it will simply tell you that who is stalking you, without them being aware of it.
  • Pin Chats – You must have seen that many messaging apps are coming up with a feature that allows them to pin chats so that you can have the ones your prioritise the most, on top. Snapchat Plus will offer you this feature as well which means you guys will be able to assign one of your most important chats as a BFF and it will then always appear on top of all the chats and you won’t have to keep scrolling down to text them.
  • Similar Interface – For all those people who are wondering whether there will be some changes in the interface of this new version or not then, there is nothing like that. You will be having the exact similar interface which is their in the normal Snapchat. The only addition will be the new features and that is it!

Snapchat Plus is literally worth buying for because all of this is meant to provide you a better user experience in every aspect! It is going to add a lot of things in future that you won’t ever get in the regular version.

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