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Signal Messenger for Android

Signal Private Messenger is now one of the most trending applications of this world right now. A few days back WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy due to which people are searching for some new platform that is more secure and safe. So Signal App is one of them which is safe and 100% secure and providing end to end subscriptions to the users without using their information for advertisement. Within 24 hours it has got millions of subscribers worldwide.

Download Signal Messenger 2022 APK | Latest Version 5.50.4

Application NameSignal Private Messenger
Latest Version 5.50.4
File Namesignal.apk
Total Size77.69 MB
AuthorSignal Foundation
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded On27-September-2022

Today in this super busy world, our lives have become so hectic that we hardly get any time to meet anyone. For this, social media messaging apps have come for our rescue as we can easily stay connected to our loved ones. These are the kind of apps that helps us to stay updated and connected at the same time with everyone out there. You must have come across a lot of such apps as currently there are huge number of apps in the market out there. However, here we are providing you with the one really amazing app and the name is Signal Private Messenger. This app has been developed by Signal Foundation and Messenger and is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Signal private messenger is the kind of app that gives you a complete new messaging experience. It is revealed that the major focus of the developers here is to provide a better experience along with enhanced privacy features. Not only privacy, the developers have also added an extensive range of features to it which is meant to enhance the user experience to a very great extent. As claimed by the developers, it is one of the most powerful, reliable, fast yet simple messenger.

Signal Messaging Application

Signal Private Messenger 2022 APK- Main Features

When it comes to features, the developers have introduced all the latest and amazing features here which are simply meant to provide everything to the users. These features are something that you won’t find in your regular messaging app. Here we are providing you a proper description of the most important features that has been introduced in this app –

  • Send and Receive Messages Across the World:

Well this is the most important thing in any messaging app as this is what it has been made for. You can easily send and receive messages from anyone and from anywhere across the world. You will have a complete hassle-free messaging experience here with this app that you won’t even think of using any other app.

  • Share Files:

Signal is not for sending messages only as one can also share different files here with their friends, colleagues, or anyone else in your contact list. Be it any image, video, pdf or any other document, you can easily share this with anyone. This can also be used for work purpose as people find more convenient to share files on this kind of messaging apps rather than mailing them.

  • Voice and Video Calls:

Along with messaging, you will also have an ability to make calls through this app. You can either make voice or video calls using this app which makes this app a multi-purpose one. The users are going to have a complete HD voice and video call experience here. Now you do not need to download any other app for making high quality video calls as you are going to get that quality here in this app.

  • End-to-End Encryption:

End-to-end encryption means that whatever you are sending to anyone be it a message, photos or any other file, will stay within you two only. No third party will be able to view this as all the chats are highly encrypted. This is something extremely important to maintain our privacy and security as well while using a messaging app. Your chats will have end-to-end encryption here so no need to worry about it.

  • Super Fast Speed:

Speed is something that we look for in any app be it a simple mobile application or any other thing, we just cannot afford to waste any of our precious time. Signal Private Messenger provides you super fast speed to process anything. If the connection is good, it won’t take even seconds to send messages or make calls. You can do whatever you want in this app, with an extremely high speed.

  • Zero Advertisements:

Usually, in any regular messaging app that are available in store out there, you will see a lot of advertisements. However, this is not the case with Signal as here the developers have not added any kind of advertisements. Now there is no interruption while making calls or sending messages. We all know how much frustrating it is to watch those silly ads all the time. You won’t face any such thing with Signal.

  • Custom Alerts:

Signal provides you an ability to choose custom alerts for each contact. This will help you identify the messages easily even without looking at your phone. However, it can also all silent which means you won’t hear anything as notification sound whenever you get message from anyone. This is for all those who do not want any kind of disturbance while doing their work. You can adjust these alerts in the notification ringtone section of the app. You can choose “none” there, if you do not want to hear anything as a notification ringtone.

  • Photo Editor:

We all know, how important role a photo plays in our day to day life. We all just want to make our pictures look perfect but what about those last minute editing when we have to send our picture to someone. Signal has become your saviour for that as it also provides you a special image editor. You can easily edit all the images that you wish to send to anyone to add that special touch to the picture.

  • Dark Theme:

Ever since the dark theme has been introduced to mobile devices, we all have become so comfortable and used to it that we just don’t feel like working on the regular one. Signal provides you dark theme which makes it extremely comfortable and convenient for all us to use when its dark. Plus there are benefits of using dark theme as with this won’t hurt or cause any stress to your eyes.

  • Group Chats:

Signal is not all about sending regular messages as you can also do group chats here. You can add your friends to the group and all of you can chat together at the same time. This makes chatting with friends even more fun as no matter where all of you are, it provides you one place where you all can be together and chat with each other.

  • Group Video Calls:

Not only chats, you can also do group video calls through this app. This is going to give you a reunion kind of feeling as all of you can see each other and talk to each other at the same time. The best quality video calls adds more fun to it as you will have HD quality here.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Even though most of us have become quite familiar with technology these days, but we still prefer using a kind of app that avoid such technicalities and prefers the one that is super easy to use. Signal has been specially developed in a user-friendly interface to provide the best experience to the users. Now anyone can use this app easily without facing any kind of difficulty. There is no need to learn any kind of technical thing here.

  • Free to Use:

This has to be the best thing about this app as we do not want to pay anything for a messaging app. Getting such amazing features at free of cost is quite rare hence, it adds plus point for Signal. You can use this app for as long as you want, without paying anything.

One most interesting fact about Signal Private Messenger is that this app has been completely funded by different grants and donations. This is among the major reasons why people are using this app widely. It has been adopted by millions of people out there and all of them simply loving using this app.

The app has also received huge appreciation from several prominent personalities out there and one of them is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square. Dorsey has said that he completely trust signal for the way it has been build and the performance of the app. According to him, Signal is going to stand like a role model for all those budding apps out there. Along with this, he said that the best thing about this app is that it is funded by different grants and donations which makes this app the best among all. Some have also claimed that Signal provides better encryption tools than any other messaging app out there. We all know how important encryption is to maintain our privacy and here the major focus of the developers is on maintaining the privacy of the users.

It is one of those app that you simply cannot miss as it is very rare to get such high quality features all together, in a single app. Even though Signal is launched recently only, the app is having a huge user base in such short span of time. The major reason behind such wide adoption is the huge compatibility that this app provides. It is available on a lot of different platforms so that the users don’t face any kind of compatibility issue here. Download this app right away on your devices and share this among your friends that how amazing this app is.

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