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Samsung Wi-Fi Direct for Android

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to share documents, photos, and videos between WiFi Direct-enabled devices then the Samsung WiFi Direct Android app is perfect for you. This app was meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless connectivity and file transfer without a Bluetooth connection. With the Samsung WiFi Direct app, users can seamlessly interconnect their Android devices with other WiFi Direct-enabled gadgets like tablets, televisions, and smartphones. This means you can share treasured memories with loved ones on larger screens or promptly dispatch a document to a colleague’s tablet for scrutiny and certification.

Samsung Wi-Fi Direct interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. To begin, make sure your device supports WiFi Direct, and then launch the Samsung WiFi Direct app on your Android device. Thereafter, you can swiftly explore nearby WiFi Direct-enabled gadgets and initiate a connection. Once connected, you can exchange files and media instantaneously with minimal lag or delay.

The app’s straightforward interface and rapid data transfer speeds make it a must-have for anyone seeking unrivaled productivity and connectivity on-the-go. So why wait? Download the Samsung WiFi Direct APK for Android today and start sharing!

Download Samsung Wi-Fi Direct APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameSamsung Wi-Fi Direct
Developed bySamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Latest Version3.4.16.28
File NameSamsung-WiFi-Direct.apk
File Size3 MB
Uploaded On29-October-2023

Samsung Wi-Fi Direct APK- Main Features

  • Direct device-to-device connection– Wi-Fi Direct allows devices to connect to each other directly without the need for a traditional Bluetooth network or internet connection.
  • Easy to set up– Wi-Fi Direct connections can be set up quickly and easily, without the need for additional software or hardware.
  • Supports Multiple Devices Wi-Fi Direct supports connections between various types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, and televisions.
  • High data transfer speeds– Wi-Fi Direct provides high-speed data transfer rates.
  • Compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology– Wi-Fi Direct is compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology, so it can be used alongside traditional Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enhanced security– Wi-Fi Direct connections are secure and encrypted, providing a higher level of security than traditional Bluetooth connections.
  • User-friendly– Wi-Fi Direct is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive menus and prompts that guide users through the process of connecting devices.

How to use Wi-Fi Direct to connect devices via WLAN without an access point.

App Screenshots

To establish a connection between devices using Wi-Fi Direct, follow these instructions on a device running the Android 9.0 Operating System-

  • Step 1- Access the Settings menu on your device and choose Wi-Fi. It is important to enable Wi-Fi in order to access the Wi-Fi Direct settings and share files wirelessly.
  • Step 2- Tap on Wi-Fi Direct. The device will automatically scan for any available Wi-Fi Direct devices in the vicinity.
  • Step 3- Identify the device you want to connect with and select it. It is essential that both devices have Wi-Fi settings turned on to facilitate the successful detection of each other.
  • Step 4- Once the other device receives an invitation to connect, it will prompt the user to accept it. Tap “Accept” to establish the connection.

How to connect Wi-Fi Direct to Samsung TV

With Wi-Fi Direct, it is possible to directly connect a phone to a TV without the need for an existing Wi-Fi network. This feature allows users to stream media files from their mobile device onto the TV screen, display photos to share with friends and family, or watch their favourite videos from YouTube. So if you want to use Wi-Fi Direct on a Samsung TV then follow these steps-

  • Step 1- Enable Wi-Fi Direct on your Samsung TV by selecting Menu > Network > Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Step 2- Enable Wi-Fi Direct on your mobile device. The TV will automatically scan for and display a list of available devices. The TV name will also appear on the mobile device.
  • Step 3- Select the device from the list to initiate a connection. If a connection request is made by the TV, a permission message will appear on the mobile device and vice versa. Accept the request to connect the mobile device to the TV.

All in all, the Samsung WiFi Direct app is an impeccable tool for anyone who desires a prompt and straightforward approach to share files and media between WiFi Direct-enabled devices.

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