Samsung One Hand Operation+ 6.8.27 APK- Download for Android

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Samsung One Hand Operation+ for Android

These days, we all have been using our mobile phones to do every possible thing as they have become one of the most important part of our lives that helps us all in many different ways. Now, for all those people who tend to feel tired of doing all of their work on mobile phones, here is an app that is going to make things quite easy for you and it is One Hand Operation. This app is developed by Samsung and is available to download for all the android devices out there as it is available on Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.

Samsung One Hand Operation is a kind of app that will help you to operate your smartphone just by one hand or we should say, a thumb. Yes, that’s right! This app will help you to more control over you android device be it your smartphone or a tablet, with just one hand. This is the reason why it’s name is One Hand Operation. It has been designed in such a way that you will be able to do all the things with just one thumb gesture. It has also added gesture handle to both sides of the screen in order to make things even more easy for the users.

Download Samsung One Hand Operation + APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameSamsung One Hand Operation +
Developed bySamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Latest Version6.8.27
File NameSamsung-One-Hand.apk
File Size7.61 MB
MD5 (Signature)832bc243fff16262e1a1d021d2a233b7
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 10 (Q, API 29)
Target: Android 11 (API 30)
Uploaded On14-June-2022

Samsung One Hand Operation + APK- Main Features

There are a lot of exciting features that you all are going to experience while using this app. Here we are introducing you to a few of the most important ones –

  • Use Thumb Gesture – As the app has been designed to operate all of your android devices with just one hand, it will help you to use just a one thumb gesture to do all the things on your smartphone or tablet, at an ease.
  • Thin Gesture Handle – The app features this amazing thin gesture handle that is located on both left and right sides of the screen. This is going to be really very helpful for all those people who are not used to it as it going to make things a lot more easy for them.
  • Customisable Functions – Another amazing thing about this app is that it is having some really amazing customisable functions. This will help you guys to set up horizontal/diagonal up/diagonal down gestures so that operating with one hand becomes even more easy and quick.
  • Different Handle Settings – In order to optimise the gesture recognition, this app provides you different handle settings. This will help you to set the gestures according to the size of your hand and thumb shape.
  • Great Compatibility – It has been seen that these kind of apps tend to create problems on various devices due to several reasons however, here you won’t be facing any such issue as Samsung has worked really well on compatibility with this app so there won’t be any problem, no matter what the device is.
  • Free of Cost – Now comes the most important thing because no matter how amazing an app is, we just do not want to spend our money on them. Well, here you do not need to worry about that as this one is absolutely free of cost. You won’t be facing any kind of charges for downloading or using this app which is just amazing.

One Hand Operation is a kind of app that is going to make everything quite easier for all the android users. So, what else are you waiting for? Download it now and enjoy!

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