Samsung Multi Control APK- Download| Latest Version 2024

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Samsung Multi control for Android

Samsung Multi Control is an innovative Android app that is specially designed to enhance the integration between your Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book. The app facilitates a smooth and interactive environment, it essentially converts your tablet into an extension of your laptop. It allows you to input text on your Galaxy Tab with the convenience and efficiency of your Galaxy Book’s keyboard. This proves incredibly beneficial for activities like drafting lengthy emails or documents, where the full-sized keyboard of your laptop offers unmatched comfort and speed.

The main highlighted feature of this app is its capability to copy and paste text and images between the two devices. Whether you’re reading an intriguing article on your tablet and come across a quote you’d like to share, or you need to transfer files frequently between your devices, Samsung Multi Control APK simplifies these processes. The app provides easy drag and drop functionality so that transferring of files become easier. Additonally the app offers necessitates that your Multi Control setting is enabled and that both devices are signed into the same Samsung Account. Once set, you’re prepared for a more efficient and intuitive user experience, enhancing productivity and convenience in managing your Samsung devices.

Download Samsung Multi Control APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameSamsung Multi Control
Developed bySamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Latest Version1.8.01.13
File NameMulti-control.apk
File Size8.53 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 12 (API 31)
Uploaded On12-December-2023

Samsung Multi Control APK- Main Features

These are the best features of Samsung Multi Control-

  • Device Compatibility– The app is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy Books, specifically models released in 2021 or later, as well as Galaxy S23 phones with One UI 5.1 installed.
  • Seamless Interaction– The app offers seamless interaction between devices by allowing easy input of text on Galaxy Tab using Galaxy Book’s keyboard. It enables smooth transitioning of the laptop’s cursor to the phone’s screen and vice versa.
  • File Management– The app provides advanced file management Tools. It supports copying and pasting of text and images between Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book. It also enables users to drag and drop files between the two devices.
  • User Account Synchronization– The app ensures user account synchronization by requiring that both the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book be signed in with the same Samsung account.
  • Multi Control Setting– The app features a Multi Control Setting that needs to be switched “On” on both devices for the functionality to work.
  • Versatility– The app offers versatility by serving not just for file management but also as a quick and efficient way of moving photos or any other files from the phone to the laptop for further use, such as editing.

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