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Samsung Good Lock for Android

Whenever we hear Samsung, the first thing that comes in our mind is mobile phones and electronics. However, it is not all about this only as Samsung also develops several apps that provides different services. Here is one app called Samsung Good Lock which is meant to completely transform the users experience of using their devices. It is going to provide a lot of customization options to the users along with providing several exciting features.

Even though the app was launched way back in 2016 only but now Samsung has extended support for this app and it is now available to a wider audience. All the users with Samsung smartphones will be able to use this app on their devices. In some models, the app might be already available but for those who do not have one can easily download it from the Galaxy Store app.

Download Samsung Good Lock APK

Application Name Samsung Good Lock
Latest Version2.2.04.52
File NameSamsung-Good-Lock.apk
File Size11.08 MB
Minimum Requirements Min: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Target: Android 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Uploaded On01-December-2022

Samsung Good Lock APK- Main Features

Here are all the ten modules of the app which are meant to enhance the user experience:

  • QuickStar – QuickStar is especially for the quick settings menu of your phone. It simply adds a new theme to this menu and adds different presets to its. it that comes with different colours. You will be able to choose the icon colour as per your choice.
  • Task Changer – This is the module that will help you to completely change the look of the recent app menu of the mobile phones of the users. The users will be able to choose the layout as well, as per their choice.
  • MultiStar – MultiStar provides the customization option to the multi-window experience. The users will also be able to create a pop-up window for any app.
  • NotiStar – NotiStar is specially to customize the notification panel of your mobile device. This will help the users to prioritise the apps for that they want the notification on top.
  • Theme Park – Theme Park is one of the best module of this app as the users will be able to make their own themes. Users can make their custom theme and can also add images to it, from the gallery.
  • Nice Catch – Nice Catch module helps the users to keep a track on their device’s activity. It will create a log for everything and you will be able to easily examine everything.
  • One Hand Operation Plus – This is the kind of module that will help the users to configure the gesture controls of the mobile devices.
  • Edge Lighting Plus – This one is all about improving the lighting effects of the Samsung devices. You will be able to change the color, speed, and a lot of other things of your device.
  • Edge Touch – With Edge Touch, the users will be able to control the accidental touch on their devices. This is the best feature for all those who gets bothered with accidental touch.
  • Sound Assistant – Last but not the least is sound assistant. This will help the users to have a better control over the volume settings of their devices.

Download this app right away on your Samsung devices and get the best experience. For more information and latest updates stay tuned with GN Radar.

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