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Samsung Calculator for Android

In recent years, it has been seen that Unites states people have started doing most of their work on mobile phones only. That’s when we all need a good calculator app because who wants to use a whole another device when we can easily do that on our mobile phones only. If you are looking for a better option that will provide you all the latest features then you surely need to try out Samsung Calculator. Samsung Calculator. is one of the most popular Android App in United States and Europe. This app is developed by electronics giant Samsung and is made available for all the android smartphones out there.

Samsung Calculator is the app that you need for all of your calculations, be it the basic one or even the complex one, you will be able to do it all here. It also provides you the engineering calculator for all those complex calculations and you will be able to do them in seconds. It also provides you the complete calculation history, which sometimes is really very helpful as you can simply copy the entire formula that you’ve applied before to any calculation you want. It also provides you this unit calculator that will basically help you to convert the units like area, length, temperature, etc. The best part here is that it has been made in a super easy, user-friendly interface which has made it really very easy for everyone to use the calculator without facing any kind of difficulty.

Download Samsung Calculator APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameSamsung Calculator
CategorySamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
File NameSamsung-Calculator.apk
Latest Version12.3.00.1
File Size3.67 MB
Minimum RequirementsMin: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 12 (API 31)
Uploaded On05-January-2023

Samsung Calculator APK- Main Features

There are many amazing features that you guys will get while using this app and here are a few of the best ones –

  • Regular Calculator – First you are getting a regular calculator here which will help you to perform the four fundamental operations, addition, subtraction, Division, and Multiplication. These are the basic operations that you are going to see as soon as you open the calculator app.
  • Engineering Calculator – With this engineering calculator, you are going to get all those operations that you need for those complex problems. It is going to make it really very easy for everyone to solve those complex calculations with just a few taps.
  • Calculation History – It provides you the complete calculation history where you will be able to find all the calculation that you’ve done before. This way, you will be able to copy any formula that you’ve applied before so that you do not have to enter the complete formula all over again.
  • Convert Unit – Another amazing feature that you are going to get with this app is conversion of units. You guys will be able to calculate or convert the units with the help of unit calculator button. You can convert units like area, temperature, or length and this is going to make things easy for you.
  • Easy to Use – On top of all these things that this calculator app is providing you, the best part is that it is super easy to use. Anyone will be able to use this app at an ease without facing any kind of difficulty at all which is just amazing because the calculations are already going to be quite complex hence the users should not face any kind of difficulty with the interface.

There’s got to be a lot of other things as well that you will get to explore once you start using the Samsung Calculator app. So, download it now on your android smartphones and never face any difficulty with any kind of calculations.

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