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SAKURA School Simulator for Android

You must have played a lot of role playing and simulation games as there are a lot of games in the store out there that comes under this genre. However, it is quite rare to find a kind of role playing game which does not have any kind of intense battles or bloodshed going around. Here we have one really amazing and light role playing game that you can play for just fun and the game is Sakura School Simulator.  The game is offered by Garusoft Development Inc. and is available for both android as well as iOS devices out there.

It is a storylike game which will more feel like a virtual novel to you. You will see yourself casually living the life of a student. Here the players will be having two different options of how they wish to live their life and the events will go around according to that only. You can have two completely different kind of experience in this one game. There is one really interesting thing about this game that no one is going to die here. Each character that has been attacked will wake up the very next day and will continue to rebel.

Download SAKURA School Simulator for Android

Application NameSAKURA School Simulator
CategoryAndroid game
Developed byGarusoft Development Inc.
Latest Version1.039.96
File NameSAKURA-School-Simulator.apk
File Size256.37 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Uploaded On06-May-2024

SAKURA School Simulator APK- Main Features

Here are some of the most exciting things that you will experience while playing this game –

  • Storylike Gameplay – Here the gameplay is completely storylike and you are going to feel as if you are watching a virtual novel. It is having a highly interesting and engaging gameplay where you will also find yourself interacting with your friends in the game.
  • Make New Friends – As the lead player in the game, you will also see yourself socialising with other people in the game. You can make new friends and play together as everything is fun with friends.
  • No Bloodshed – It is quite a unique kind of role playing game where there will be no bloodshed. You will be able to defeat your enemies either with weapons or without weapons, there are both the ways. None of the players will die in this game, the players will be able to stun other players and they will again wake up on the very next day.
  • No Battles or Fights – Here the players are not required to fight any battles in the game. You will have to defeat your enemies but their will not be any fights or intense battles in this game.
  • Endless Gameplay – It is the kind of game where you won’t see any kind of end. You will have to ability to control the story according to you and take it forward as you please and it will go on and on.
  • Stunning Animation – Graphics and animation plays quite an important role in this kind of game as they have that power to completely transform your gaming experience. Here you will experience stunning animation that makes the game even more exciting and attractive as well.
  • Free to Play – This is one of the most important thing that we look for in any kind of game because we simply don’t want to spend our hard earned money on games. You need not to worry about that as you will get to play this super amazing game at free of cost plus there’s not any hidden cost either.

All these features makes this game completely interesting and unique and there are a lot of other things as well that you will experience while playing this game. So what are you guys waiting for? Download the game now and enjoy!

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