Now R.B.I Baseball 18 APK is Available for Android | Update 2018


This year experience the whole new way to play baseball with R.B.I Baseball 18 with the brand new franchise mode by slamming home run in the derby mode. R.B.I Baseball is the first console game of its kind and is licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Now download APK file of this game this game on your Android phoen and also the iOS is present.

The casual baseball player/fans will surely have fun playing this game, and those who are hardcore playrrs/fans of baseball will be tempting for more. This game is developed by MLB AM. Two players can play this game, so ask your friend to join you and cherish every moment playing this game.

Click her to watch the official trailer of this Game

The features you will surely encounter in this game are:

  • Players will have the previous features of 2017 game as well as new features.
  • Players can control their favorite MLB team as well as they can make trades, sign agents for free to call up their rookies.
  • The new player progression system will be introduced that will allow players to surpass over time and then finally get retired.
  • Players can play it with their friends as well as they can go head to head with CPU in derby environment.
  • Players can see how a fan’s skill stacks up against the other players with the help of the leaderboard.
  • There is an advantage for the players that there will be retired MLB stars available in franchise mode or other game features.
  • Some of the players are Jeff Bagwell, Ozzie Smith, Ted Williams, Bob Feller, and George Brett to name the few.
  • Throughout this season rosters will get updated regularly, form players will be brought into the field.
  • The game will have a clean user interface, it will be nicely represented and there will be some music which players will like a lot.

So download it for free now on your smartphones and enjoy playing this game. Brush up your skills of baseball and experience the brand new features.

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