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Application NamePure Tuber
File NamePure-Tuber.apk
Latest Version4.9.0.1
File Size22 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Uploaded On26-November-2023

Pure Tuber for Android

Tired of wasting time on annoying ads that cannot be skipped? Welcome to the ad-free era with Pure Tuber Android App! Pure Tuber is a video and music player for Android that allows you to enjoy an ad-free experience with the automatic skipping of video ads. The Android app is designed to provide a smooth background play and floating popup play for video and music content. It utilizes an AI engine to collect millions of ad-free videos which insures an unexpected and interruption-free watching experience. With the ad Guard Video Player, you can enjoy a seamless experience while watching Tube videos or listening to music, songs, or audio.

Pure Tuber APK offers numerous features to enhance your video and music consumption experience. It has a background video and music player that allows you to play videos in the background while using other apps. The app also comes with a sleep timer, which lets you set a timer before going to sleep or taking a break, ensuring your media doesn’t play until dawn. The floating video player feature enables you to play videos and mp3 in floating popup play mode, and the app supports up to 8K resolution for the best user experience. Additionally, Pure Tuber offers bookmarking functionality to save your favorite videos, music, songs, mp3, and audio for easy access.

Pure Tuber APK- Main Features

  1. Ad-Free Experience – The app provides an ad-free experience by eliminating video ads and annoying pop-ups while the AI engine collects millions of ad-free videos. The ad Guard Video Player ensures a smooth experience for all Tube videos, music, and audio content.
  2. Background Video & Music Player – The app features a background video and music player that allows videos or audio to continue playing when the user switches to other apps. The Minimize function enables the video to be resized and moved to a corner of the screen, allowing users to multitask.
  3. Sleep Timer – The app provides a sleep timer, enabling users to set a timer to automatically stop media playback, helping them fall asleep or focus on other tasks without worrying about the media playing all night. This feature is also useful for those who use the Pomodoro technique.
  4. Floating Video Player – The app features a floating video player, allowing videos and audio to be played in a floating popup window and offering flexibility in viewing content. Users can choose between full screen or floating popup window modes.
  5. Up to 8K Resolution – The app provides support for video resolutions from 144p to 8K, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience for users.
  6. Playlist Management – The app features playlist management, enabling users to create and manage playlists of their favorite videos, music, songs, and audio content while allowing for easy organization and access.
  7. History Tracking – The app provides history tracking, keeping track of the user’s watch history and making it simple to find and revisit previously viewed content.
  8. Video Recommendation – The app features video recommendations based on the user’s preferences and watch history, providing a personalized viewing experience for relevant videos, music, and audio content.
  9. Search and Filter – The app provides a search and filter function, allowing users to search for specific content and apply filters to refine the results, making it easy to find desired videos, music, and audio.

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