PUBG Mobile Season 4 APK | Latest Update v0.9.5 | Season-5 Release Date


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game also know as PUBG, is not now getting Season 4 update for its latest mobile version. This is one of the most awaited November 2018 update of PUBG. Now let us talk about the major feature of this update.

Top 5 Features of PUBG Mobile Season 4 : Update v0.9.5

  1. Royal Pass– The new Royal Pass will provide weekly challenges with up to 100 RP to each player. After crossing Royal Pass the player will receive special rewards and few unlocked items. Elite Upgrade, as well as Elite Upgrade Plus options, are also available in which players can experience level up or paid benefits with 100 UC on every level of this season 4 update.
  2. New hardcore mode:- This is a new mode introduced by developers in PUBG season 4. This mode can destroy footstep sounds and other audio cues. Only if the player is wearing an in-game pair of shoes, then that sound is audible to other nearby users. And according to officials, this mode is available only for a limited time period.
  3. New Skins, Weapons, Cars and more:- New Skins will be available for players including Joker and Harley Quinn, assault rifle M762, revamped weapons, backpacks and parachutes menus. New Vehicles such as scooters are also available.
  4. Chat system v0.9.5 update:- The developers are going to introduce a new chat system for players which is more lighter and more user-friendly. It can also store your previous chats within the game and it will use less RAM. Enhanced Matchmaking Mechanism is also introduced inside this panel with the help of the feature users can easily add their second language such as Hindi so that they can find their similar matches and can speak the same language.
  5. Additions in Sanhok map:- Now scooter(accommodates-2/1 players) and dynamic weather(sunny, rain and foggy) will be available in PUBG Mobile Season 4 v0.9.5 update.

Royale Pass Season 4- v0.9.5

  • New weapons, rare outfit rewards, faces and new hairstyles has been added.
  • 600 UC to Elite Pass rewards for users so they can purchase next season’s Pass.
  • Elite Pass holders can buy discounted products by giving their BP or RP points.
  • Mission Cards for users to complete missions which are harder.
  • On Black Friday event is introduced where they can get backs in cheaper rater.

Other v0.9.5 Improvements 

  • Matchmaking and Chat function now supports the second language.
  • The chat system is more optimized one and it requires less RAM and stores more messages.
  • Users can tune their front page of the shop to emphasize weapon finish themes.

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Release Date

The official PUBG Mobile Season 5 release date for players will be 21st February 2019 all over the world.

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