PUBG Error: Failed to Create Tslgame.exe [Working Solutions]

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Despite being such a famous game across the world, a lot of users have reported certain errors due to which they are unable to run the game on their device. One such error is “Failed to create tslgame.exe” and due to this error, the game tend to crash again and again. Here we are going to tell you different methods to deal with this error!

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord Application

Discord is an Application that most of the video game players uses but at times this Application can cause several problems. The Tslgame.exe error shown by PUBG might be due to this Application, here is how you can disable the hardware acceleration from this Application –

  1. First step will be to click on the Start button and there you need to type “Discord” and from there you need to select “Application” and from there open “User Settings”
  2. After opening user settings, you will have to look for “Overlay” option , click on that.
  3. Now in the overlay settings, you will see “enable in-game overlay”. You need to disable this option from here and then restart your PC.

Reinstall PUBG in Steam

In this method, you will have to delete PUBG from your device and then reinstall it again. This process will remove all the corrupted files which are associated with it and you will get rid of the error. Here is how you can do this –

  1. First step will be to open Steam Application on your device and go to the “Steam Library”.
  2. In the steam library, you need to look for PUBG and once you find it, right click on that. This will open up a drop down menu and from there you need to select “uninstall”.
  3. Once you select uninstall, a confirmation message will pop up and once you confirm, it will uninstall PUBG from your computer.
  4. After this, again go to steam settings and from there go to the Downloads. Here you will see an option to clear download cache and this will remove all the files associated with PUBG. Now download a fresh one from the store.

Disable Shadow Play

Some users might also be facing “Failed to create tslgame.exe” error due to shadow play. This problem might be there due to the high-quality screen capture because a lot of times, it results in the frame drop. Here we are going to tell you that how you can easily disable the shadow play option easily without any kind of difficulty.

  1. First step will be to right click on the Nvidia icon from your taskbar and from the menu select, Nvidia Geforce Experience.
  2. Now another window will open up and here you need to open settings.
  3. Once the settings menu opens, find “General” and click on that. It will open up another menu and from here you need to find “Share” option.
  4. In front of the share option you will see a button, you just have to click on that in order to disable the shadow play option. Now restart your computer and you shall not face that error again.

These are several methods through which you guys will be able to easily remove “Failed to Create Tslgame.exe error. By following any of these methods, you shall not face this problem again.

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