PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 APK | Season 11 Update

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PUBG Mobile game developers are now going to end Season 10 and all set to launch Season 11 by the end of this week.

PUBG is that one game that has been loved by everyone out there all over the world to that extent that it has even become an addiction for a lot of people. It is that amazing online multiplayer battle royale game that we simply can’t resist playing. Well, to all the PUBG fans out there here is amazing news for all of you that will increase you excitement level to the top and that is!!! PUBG is all set to launch its another season that is Season 11! Yes, that is right! Season 11 of PUBG will be out super soon for all of its users. As we all know that with each season there are a lot of things that PUBG comes up with and each time with its update, our expectations simply goes up as we know how amazing it gets every-time we play a new season. This time also you will experience a lot of amazing things that you might not even have imagined. Today we are going to discuss the leaks which we have got from officials and we’ll talk about the upcoming 0.16.5 APK update.

What’s New in Update 0.16.5 APK

According to the officials, the season 10 will end this week and from Monday people can download Season 11. IN this latest update users will get latest skins, cosmetics and new menu option and winter special theme. Leaks say that now from season 11 Ace tier rewards will have a parachute and a diamond reward, which is a skin for an MK-14. Below we are providing the trailer of this updates you can watch this trailer and if you want to download it right now then click on the given youtube link and then delete the prefix https:// and insert “ss” word.

In this video, we have seen highlights of Glacier Lab skin for the AKM weapon, the weapon body is made up of ice and its white in colour. The game is having white colour and complete snow makeover and vehicles are having ice in their body. Well, I know your curiosity levels must have reached to the top so here is some information about the update that will increase your excitement of playing it even more –

  • All-new Winter theme– Like all other seasons of PUBG, this season will also come with an amazing theme that will completely different from the other ones and obviously the more interesting one.
  • Exclusive content– It will also come up with a lot of exclusive content and when I said lot that really means a lot. There is no chance of getting bored of it as it is going to b completely amazing.
  • New battle pass– Here you will get an all-new battle pass which will help you out to unlock a lot of new things in your game plus it will be based on the new that most probably will be sci-fi. Although it has not been confirmed yet so wait for the launch.
  • New outfits– There will be a lot of new outfits that you will get in this season and with those outfits, you can completely customise your character. These outfits will also be based on the new theme only.
  • Latest customisations– Now as you are getting a lot of things here, it will also come up with all the latest customisation options where you will be able to change the skin of your equipment like bag, pan, helmet, etc. and give them a completely unique and interesting look.

There are many other things also that will be there in this season as it is going to be a very big launch this time. This was just a little introduction of this version, so stay updated with us for more information on it and we will update soon when we’ll get more information about it.

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