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Do you have what it takes to deliver goods to the adorable, friendly folks of Prism?

Learn the ins and outs of becoming a Postknight and defend the simple folk of Prism from evil monsters in this free-to-play Android Mobile Game. Start your training by learning how to fight monsters and craft items, then head out on four different expeditions each day, using your wits to fight monsters and protect the people of Prism. Build relationships with other Postknights to become stronger together, or even craft legendary weapons!

Postknight 2 for Android

Postknight2 is a casual adventure RPG where you play as a Postknight – fulfilling quests, taking on enemies, and upgrading your character along the way! Delivering goods to the adorable residents of the world of Prism is an important duty for a Postknight like you, but not all enemies are created equal… Stay alert for the wicked foes along your journey– you will need your skills and wit to overcome them!

Download Postknight 2 APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NamePostknight 2
CategoryStrategy Game
Developed byWargaming Group
Latest Version1.0.12
File Size77.9 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)
MD5 (Signature)452d5717001b285ad655d4ea7049080e
Uploaded On23-January-2022

Postknight 2 APK- Storyline

The kingdom of Kurestal was built on a vast expanse of land with many twisty, dangerous, and dangerous roads. In this feudal society, all trade and transactions could only be conducted safely with the help of the Delivery Knights. These knights were all professionals—outstanding talent who would carry out any task they were assigned with great proficiency. You are a young knight apprentice at Maille, a small town that protects one of the liminal passages leading to Kurestal. With the leadership of Tedri, the most elite and experienced knight in your order, you are given the easiest delivery missions to complete before leveling up to tackle more difficult ones. When you prove yourself as a competent knight by completing deliveries without issue, you will be entrusted with special packages from Kurestal Castle itself.

Throughout the game, your knight will go on different missions based on the levels of experience. You’ll have to go on the road and learn to deal with a lot of obstacles and dangerous enemies. Be careful for the package! Collect rewards along your journey, and collect a unique lineup of Postknights along the way!

Postknight 2– GamePlay

Postknight 2 is a game that relies on vertical scrolling, where your character moves left to right. You must succeed in delivering packages within the time limit or you lose! Time is of the essence. The road is perilous and fraught with danger. There’s a lot of stuff out there trying to stop you. Of course, to get your package delivered on time, you have to fight everything in your way. A Postknight’s most important skills are attack and defense. Depending on the situation and obstacles ahead, you can switch back and forth between different skills.

The secret of invincibility for a Postknight is to focus on choosing the right weapon for each case. For example, you have to know when to use the sword, when to use the multipurpose shield. Because each item has a different destructive power. In some cases, knights even have to combine both skills and weapons to create a unique attack/defense combo that cuts down enemies in an instant.

The main appeal of the game is in its delivery system. Sometimes you will have to refuse delivery or deliver goods that have been damaged by monsters. If you are lucky enough that the goods arrive at the destination safely, you will receive a reward based on how much it is worth and how difficult it was to reach your destination. Accumulate these rewards overtime to craft new weapons and equipment.

This equipment can sometimes have magical properties, such as increased strength or good armour… So, if you collect enough of them, they will be very useful in future adventures! When successful, you also gain experience points. As you progress in level, your official title changes from “Postknight” to “Postknight S-Class” and eventually to Postknight Grandmaster. You can achieve the highest rank by being S-Class post knight.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The artwork in Postknight 2 is pretty good. It has that manga-style thing happening, so the landscapes are really colorful. The game doesn’t use real people, it uses anime characters, but they’re all super cute. I like the way the main character looks; he’s got a nice smile and wears a cape-like robe, which I think makes him look majestic. Oh yeah, and the music is amazing! It goes along with what’s going on in the game and it sounds kind of magical.

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