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About- Pokémon Snap

All the Pokemon fans must have heard about the game Pokemon Snap. It is a first-person simulation video game which was released way too back in 1999. Since our childhood, we all have been fantasising about Pokemon and we all somewhere wants to live in their world and this is a kind of game where you will be living this dream. You will be exploring the complete native environment where the Pokemons live and you will be clicking their pictures as well. This time the game will be released for Nintendo Switch so this update is especially for you.

This game is more like an adventure game where you will be exploring the wild life of Pokemons and with such amazing graphics, you will have a real-like experience. You will get completely indulged into the beautiful scenery that is there in the game. The gameplay will be the one which is there in the classic Pokemon Snap game. Here you will encounter a lot of new things related to Pokemons which you must have not seen anywhere before.

Download Pokémon Snap | Latest Version 2020

Application NamePokemon Snap
Category Game Simultation
Operating SystemWindows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
Minimum RequirementsNintendo 64
Update 22-June-2020
License Free to download

Pokémon Snap Latest Version- Main Features

Here are few features of this game –

  • Explore native environment – Here you will be exploring the complete native environment of Pokemon’s world. You are going to feel as if you are on any vacation while playing this game with such beautiful natural environment and greenery everywhere around.
  • Click pictures – One of the major part of this game is that the players will be clicking pictures throughout the game while exploring everything out there in the game. The players will be able to click total 60 pictures on every visit.
  • Fill Pokemon Photodex – Here the players will get a chance to build their own  Pokemon Photodex where you can collect all the pictures that you will be clicking while playing the game and develop your own unique collection of pictures.
  • Amazing graphics – The game has been developed with amazing 3D graphics that is going to add a complete realistic element to the game. You are going to feel as if you are exploring this Pokemon world for real.
  • Exciting rewards – Like any other game, it is quite obvious that here also you are going to have some really exciting rewards that will encourage you guys to play more and click those amazing pictures. The more unique your pictures will be, better the reward is going to be.
  • Share pictures – It also provides you a feature where you can share pictures with other that you have taken within the game.

It is quite amazing game for all those who don’t want to get involved into an intense game. It has not been revealed yet that when the game will be released for Nintendo Switch but it is expected that it will be launched very soon. Till then, stay updated and wait for the release.

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