Pink WhatsApp Installation Link is Installing Malware on Smartphones

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Do you have Installed Pink WhatsApp on your android phone? If yes, then there is one bad news for you. Recently the Pink Whatsapp users have claimed that they have found the virus one their phones. Now let us talk about this in detail.

About- Pink WhatsApp

For quite some time it has been seen that there has been a huge increase in cybercrimes. The major reason behind this increase in cyber crimes is because we all have been doing almost everything online. There is one similar issue that WhatsApp users have been facing for quite some time now. A lot of users have reported that they receive some kind of link on their WhatsApp for Pink WhatsApp and it is directly installing malware on your smartphones.

A lot of Indian WhatsApp users have complained that they have been receiving a link on their WhatsApp stating that it will change the app’s theme into pink. Along with this, there are also claims that this link promises to offer a lot of new features which are not there in original WhatsApp.

According to the users and reports, people have been receiving the message as an official WhatsApp update from Facebook. A lot of cyber security experts are also looking into this matter and are trying to make people aware about such malicious activities. There are a lot of such malware going around and people needs to be alert about them because they might cause huge damage to their devices.

Steps to Keep in Mind while Using WhatsApp Mod or any other Social Media App Mod –

Here are the few things that all of you need to keep in mind while using WhatsApp or any other social media –

  • First of all, there is not any official app out there that will send you such links to get upgraded features or any other things like that. The updates of these apps come via official app stores only.
  • Until and unless there is not any official release from the app developers, one should not rely upon any external sources.
  • If you follow those malicious link then your phone might be in a danger of an attack. This kind of malware apps can steal some important data from your device like bank password or other important details. Hence it is very important for you to stay alert while using any such links.
  • The kind of link that WhatsApp users are getting these days which is to get some latest features is malicious and it is having the potential to damage the device to a very great extent. It can also completely corrupt your device or some important file of yours.
  • You all should also stay away from the unverified APKs as these can purely damage your device or they can also steal your personal data without your knowledge. In order to avoid any such incidents, the users need to stay away from any such apk or other mobile apps. One should always rely upon the official stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
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How to Remove Virus from Phone

  • Step 1:- First of all, you have to take a backup of your device.
  • Step 2:- Now you have to reset your device by Factory Reset.
  • Step 3:- Now open your phone and change your Gmail password and then change all passwords of your social media accounts.
  • Step4: Now with the help of any active antivirus you can scan your backup folder (In Desktop/laptop). Recommended- Norton
  • Step 5: Antivirus will automatically delete the virus and after scanning you can restore your backup.

There are several reports on different social media handles regarding this ongoing Pink WhatsApp malware. The majority of the complaints are from Indian users only hence it is quite clear that the target is this audience. Several users have also mentioned this issue on their Twitter handles as well so that they can make more people aware of it. As far as Facebook is considered, the company has not given any official statement regarding this matter. However, the company always mentions that the users should be aware of their rights and about the laws which are there for cybercrimes. Plus one should never follow any suspicious link that they get on any app, no matter what they are offering.


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