PGSharp 2024 APK- Download| Latest Version 1.139.2

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[News]- Today, PGSharp APK has been updated to Version 1.127.0. If you want to update your old version of PGSharp APK then click on the given download link.

Download PGSharp APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NamePGSharp
Latest Version 1.139.2
File Size326 MB
File NamePG.apk
Developed byPGS TECH
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Uploaded On29-February-2024

PGSharp for Android

PGSharp is an amazing app that helps you in catching all the creatures that you have been missing in Pokemon Go. It helps you in getting those rare and legendary creatures easily without any hassle. It also helps you in getting more coins, eggs, and other items in the game so that you can easily progress in the game. It is a modified version of the Pokemon Go app and it is quite user friendly. It works on all the android devices and it can be easily installed in your device. It is also quite safe to use and there is no risk of your account getting banned or suspended. The app also provides you with some amazing features like auto-walking and auto-spinning of PokeStops.

You can also customize the app according to your preferences and you can use the various in-app purchase options to get more coins and items. The app also helps you in getting those rare creatures like Pikachu and Eevee easily without any hassle. It also helps you in getting more coins, eggs, and other items in the game so that you can easily progress in the game..

PGSharp 2024 APK- Main Features

Here are all the things that you are going to get through this modified app –

  • Joystick to Move– This is the best thing that this app provides you. In Pokemon Go, players are required to move here and there to find out the hidden creatures. Now with this Joystick, you do not have to move as this joystick will help you guys to roam around without having to move in real.
  • Walking Speed– The players using PGSharp are capable of controlling their walking speed. You guys will be able to control your walking speed and can increase or decrease it as per your preference.
  • Teleportation– Here, the apps that have provided by the developers can help the players to teleport from one place to another. You can choose whichever location you want and you will be teleported to that place.
  • Routes to Move– PGSharp developers have also provided various routes for the players. You will be able to use the routes to move automatically. Along with this, the players will also have an ability to change routes whenever they want.
  • Save Location– The players will be able to save the previous location easily through this app. This is going to help them to trace the places that they already visited.
  • Free to Play– This has to be the most important thing about this app because first of all it is not possible to get all these features in just one app. PHSharp is providing you all these things for free of cost which s not possible with any other app out there.
  • Move Freely– Here the players are more like a free-bird as you will be able to move freely across the world. This makes the game more interesting for the players to play.

There must be a lot of other things aa well that the users will experience in this modified app and it is going to completely change the experience of the players of this amazing game.

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