New PayDay Crime War Game for Android | Game Features and Updates


The first time ever PAYDAY universe will be on your phones. You can play it anywhere now. Get a chance to be a bad guy and plunge into the sea of the criminal world or recover justice and stop criminals. Work as a team and experience a thrill of great robberies. You can experience great robberies. Experience two different characters in a single game as a criminal and a policeman. It is compatible with ios and Android. You can customize your avatar and choose between a heister or a policeman. You can play it with your friends and take part in the spectacular 4X4 fire exchange.

The features of this much-awaited game,  are endless, which include some of the below-listed ones:

  • Players get to experience breathtaking 3D graphics with large maps, sharp texture, and fluent character animations.
  • The controls are based on the touch interface having an auto-fire mechanism.
  • Players can upgrade their characters and can have customizable weaponry.
  • Players can experience gameplay from the law enforcement’s perspective for the first time ever.
  • The game consists of two groups: PayDay Gang and Law Enforcers.
  • PayDay Gang consists of Dallas, Chains, Wolf, Hoxton, TBA.
  • Law Enforcers consists of Metropolitan, Cloaker, TBA.
  • It has highly customizable controls based on virtual analog knobs so that players can have control depending upon their comfortability.
  • The game has two modes Multiplayer and Co-op. In multiplayer players can build their team and can play online whereas in co-op play with your friends.
  • The gameplay is not limited to fight between the players. The criminal’s objective is to perform a robbery while surviving the attacks of the law enforces.
  • The game is free of cost and has in-game purchases.

So gear up guys to experience the enthralling game just a click away in your own mobile phones. Experience the combination of good and bad in just a single game.

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