PAKO Game 1.0.9 APK- Download| Latest Update 2023

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Download PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK | Latest Update 2023

Application NamePAKO – Car Chase Simulator
CategorySimulator Game
File NamePAKO.apk
Version Name1.0.9
File Size89.41 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.1 (Lollipop MR1, API 22)
Uploaded On24-October-2023

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator for Android

PAKO is one of the most popular and challenging car chase games on Android. It is simple yet hard to master. The game puts you right into action with a clear mission: escape the cops and dodge obstacles for as long as you can. The game has automatic acceleration and two-button controls for steering. While you drive, you face different challenges like obstacles, chasing police cars, zombies, and tanks on some levels. You can pick from various tracks and cars. The graphics are isometric but detailed, and you can change camera views for different angles. The game also has power-ups like slow-motion time and helper drones that add another layer of excitement. You can use guns with different types of ammo to fight back against enemies.

The main feature that sets PAKO apart from other games in the same genre is its variety and customization. The multiplayer mode lets you play with up to four friends on a split screen. Additionally, the soundtrack by DKSTR keeps the energy high. Online leaderboards give you goals to aim for. Even though the game is free and has ads, the ads are not annoying and can even help you earn in-game credits.

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK- Main Features

These are some of the best features of PAKO Android Game-

  • Single Player and Local Multiplay 2-4 players – The game allows you to play by yourself or with up to three friends in the same room.
  • 10 Getaway Levels – The game offers levels where your main goal is to escape from the police.
  • 5 Challenge Levels – The game offers 5 special tasks that are harder than the usual escape levels.
  • 14 Cars – The game allows you to pick from 14 different types of cars each with its own way of handling.
  • 30+ Different Power-Ups – The game offers more than 30 different kinds of power-ups like Slow-Mo time and Helper drones.
  • Guns with Various Ammunition – The game offers different kinds of guns that have special bullets like Shrink and Plasma.
  • Change Between 4 Camera Views – The game allows you to swap between four different camera angles to get the best view of the action.
  • Special Racing Track – The game offers a unique track that’s likely different from the other levels in some way.
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards – The game offers Steam achievements and trading cards for those who play on Steam.
  • Leaderboards – The game allows you to compete with other players globally.
  • Pakocalypse Mode – The game offers an expert mode that adds extra challenges like meteors and zombies to the gameplay.
  • Free with Ads – The game APK is free to download but it offers ads while playing but watching video ads can also give you in-game credits.
  • Intel x86 Mobile Devices Supported – The game is also compatible with Intel x86 mobile devices.

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