Othellonia 11.1.3 APK- Download| Latest Version 2023 [逆転オセロニア]

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Othellonia for Android

OTHELLONIA (逆転オセロニア) is a popular turn-based checkers game that features unique gameplay mechanics and entertaining features. The game is played over the internet and involves players competing against each other with up to four characters each. The objective of the game is to reduce the opponent’s HP to zero by using various skills and power-ups. These skills include attack power-ups, defense, recovery, curse, poison, trap, and penetration, which can be used to gain the upper hand in battles.

OTHELLONIA has different modes that players can enjoy, including national match season matches, the Coliseum, and a cup match. The Coliseum is held daily, and players can earn rewards by winning matches. The cup match is a limited-period competition where players aim for the top by winning a specific number of matches. Additionally, the game features attractive character voices by several popular voice actors in Japan, and players can communicate with each other during the game using stickers. Although the interface is only available in Japanese, the combination of Othello and role-playing game mechanics makes OTHELLONIA a fun and addictive game to play.

Download Othellonia APK | Latest Version 2023

Game NameOthellonia [逆転オセロニア]
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version11.1.3
File Size131.01 GB
File NameOthellonia.apk
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.1 (Lollipop MR1, API 22)
Uploaded On03-March-2023

Othellonia APK- Main Features

Othellonia comes with really exciting features which are surely going to provide you the ultimate experience. Here are some of them –

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  1. Turn-based Gameplay– OTHELLONIA is a game that adopts a turn-based system where players maneuver their pieces on the board to gradually reduce their opponent’s health points to zero.
  2. Role-playing Mechanics– This game features unique role-playing mechanics that imbue players with up to four characters, each of whom is endowed with a distinct skillset and power-ups that may be deployed during battles.
  3. Real-time Battles– In OTHELLONIA, players can participate in captivating online battles against other players from diverse regions around the globe in real-time.
  4. Season matches– The game highlights a national match season, which pits players against their counterparts from across the country in a battle for points, with a view to claiming the Diamond Master season match.
  5. Coliseum– Daily, the Coliseum stage comes alive, offering players a chance to compete against other players to earn rewards.
  6. Cup match– A cup match is an event that spans a specific duration during which players must attain a set number of victories to emerge victorious.
  7. Skills and power-ups– OTHELLONIA features an array of skills and power-ups that may be deployed to gain an edge over opponents, including attack power-ups, defense, recovery, curse, poison, trap, and penetration.
  8. Stamps– In the course of the game, players can communicate with their opponents by utilizing an assortment of stamps, which serve as a medium for expressing encouragement or praise for a well-fought battle.
  9. Attractive character voices– The game boasts voice acting by a bevy of popular voice actors in Japan, including Hanazawa Kana, Sawashiro Miyuki, Ryuichi Kijima, Koiwai Kotori, Juri Kimura, and Ayaka Ohashi, among many others.

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