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Download Node Video APK | Latest Version 2023

Application NameNode Video
CategoryPro Video Editor
Latest Version6.9.2
File Size125.92 MB
File NameNode-Video.apk
Developed byShallway Studio
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded On27-November-2023

Node Video for Android

Node Video is the ultimate video editing application for Android that provides an unrivaled editing experience. Node Video APK offers limitless layers and groups along with precise video editing tools. Users have complete control over their edits and they can create unique visuals without difficulty. The APK comes with a range of effects such as motion blur, lens flares, color correction, and gradient effects. There’s fast rendering built into the app so users can see their changes in real time. There’s no need to wait to see how your edits look. The app also includes an innovative audio reactor feature. This feature lets users link their audio to different effects and properties for dynamic adjustments based on the audio spectrum.

The main highlighted feature of this app is its AI-powered capabilities. Automatic human and background separation is one such feature that saves users’ time. The app also offers 3D renderers that can place videos and images onto 3D models. Node Video is the perfect choice for content creators or vloggers who want to enhance their videos. With its powerful editing features and user-friendly interface, it is a great app for both experts and beginners.

Node Video 2023 APK- Main Features

  • Limitless Layers– The app features limitless layers and groups for intricate video editing with tools like Timeline, Keyframe animation, Curve Editor, Masking, and Color Correction.
  • Super Fast Rendering– The app provides rapid rendering capabilities, turning video edits into final outputs swiftly.
  • Audio Reactor: The app features an Audio Reactor that visualizes your audio into dynamic visual effects, fully controllable via the audio spectrum.
  • AI Powered Features– The app provides real-time automatic separation of humans and backgrounds, an AI-powered tool to streamline video editing.
  • 3D Renderers– The app features 3D Renderers that map your videos and images onto 3D models for enhanced creativity.
  • Professional Effects and Presets– The app provides a collection of professional effects and presets but this feature is available for the Pro subscribers.
  • Wide Range of Effects/Properties– The app features an extensive suite of effects and properties such as Blend Mode, Motion Blur, Luma Fade, Lens Flare, Fractal Noise, Time Remap, Basic Color Correction, Emboss, 4 Color Gradient, and much more for a unique aesthetic in your videos.

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