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Modern Dead for Android

Nothing can beat the combination of a role-playing game and a real-time strategy game. These are the genres that go along so well and makes one of the best games out there. No matter what, you just simply kind resist playing this kind of game. Here today we are introducing you to one such game where you will be seeing both of these genres and the game is Modern Dead. The game has been developed by ONEMT and it will be compatible with different platforms out there when released.

Here you will experience completely intense gameplay that you are going to enjoy to the fullest. You will get a chance to play along with those rare heroes, that comes along with some super unique skills and abilities. These heroes are going to help you throughout the game. Different kind of weapons will be available for the players through which they can defeat their enemies. The developers have introduced a lot of different gaming modes here which adds a lot more fun to the game. Here you will see yourself trapped among those zombies and killing them is the only way out otherwise they will kill you.

Download Modern Dead APK | Latest Version 2021

Application NameModern Dead
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version 1.22.000
File NameModern-Dead.apk
Total Size
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Uploaded On14-January-2020

Modern Dead 2021 APK- Main Features

Here are some exciting features of this game –

  • Intense Gameplay – The game opens with intense gameplay that might scare people out. You will find yourself in zombies world and you will have to kill all of them to defend yourself and win the game.
  • Rare Heroes – You will encounter rare heroes here that will come along with some unique skills and abilities. These skills will help you to fight with your enemies and defeat them.
  • Rebuild Civilization – As a lead player, your main aim here will be to rebuild the civilization that has been affected by the attack of zombies.
  • Collect Resources – Resources are one of the most important things that you will need here in this game. You will have to collect as much of them as you can and it will help you to survive and rebuild the civilization.
  • Strategical Gameplay – As it is a strategy game, you will have to build your unique strategy along with your heroes. This strategy will be your saviour if you develop it right.
  • Scary Challenges – You will encounter a lot of scary challenges along your way, throughout the game. To move ahead in the game, you will have to overcome all these challenges.
  • Global Players – The players will get a chance to play with other players that come from around the world. You can also join them on the battlefield and play together.

There are a lot of other things that this game has to offer you. Currently, it is available for pre-register and will be released anytime soon. Till then pre-register yourself and wait for the release.

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