Minecraft- Download for PC Free | Latest Version 2022

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Minecraft for Android & Windows

Download today without spending a single penny and enjoy the amazing Mini Craft game. The game is supported by all existing windows devices. The games provide you with various modes and its all about survival, creation, and exploration. In this game, users can easily build a home as well as a castle. Be careful from the attacking mob and always keep your weapons ready. The creative mode will test your creativity and building skills while the survival mode will test your escaping and survival skills. 

Download Minecraft for PC | Latest Version 2022

Application Minecraft
File NameMinecraft.exe
Total Size184 MB
Latest Version1.18.2.3
Updated On08-January-2022

Minecraft 2022 for PC- Main Features

  • Mini craft game is all about survival and now you can easily expand your game through unique maps, skins, texture packs and these accessories are found in the game and can be taken from the creators. Creators will be found in the marketplace and you can discover latest community creations.
  • Players have various powers and these powers can be used in the form of the command. Players can give items that are owned by them away, you can also change the time of the day according to your requirement.
  • Customization is another great feature, customization help players to play the game as well as customize the game according to their requirement. There are add-ons available that too free of cost. Players can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.
  • Mini craft game is a multi-player game. Multi-player game feature is of great importance as it is very useful and helps you develop various skills. In Mini Craft players can play along with ten friends in cross platform. This also provides you with a private server to play in multi-player.
  • Players can also join free massive multiplayer servers and play with thousands of others and can discover mammoth community-run worlds, compete in unique mini-games.



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