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Microsoft Outlook for Android

These days, you must have seen that most of us are doing our work on our mobile devices only as it make things quite convenient for all of us. However, it might get difficult for us to manage all the files and our work and that is when Microsoft Outlook comes for your rescue. It is a productivity app by Microsoft which is going to bring all the important things that you need at one place. The app is available for different platforms which also includes Android and iOS.

Microsoft Outlook will help you all to organise all the important things that you need on daily basis, at one place. You will be having your email, calendar, files, contacts, and a lot of other things on this one app only. This also includes all the Microsoft apps including Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive. You will be able to schedule all the important things and make it really very easy for everyone to do work on your mobile devices.

Download Microsoft Outlook APK

Application NameOutlook
Latest Version4.2336.1
Developed byMicrosoft Corporation
File Size102.85 MB
File NameOutlook.apk
Minimum Android RequiredAndroid 8.0 (Oreo, API 26)
Uploaded On25-September-2023

Microsoft Outlook 2023 APK- Main Features

There are a lot of things that you all are going to experience while using this app. Here are few of the most important ones –

  • Manage Daily Task – Microsoft Outlook will hell you guys to manage your emails, calendar, contacts, and other important files at one place. You won’t have to keep searching them through all the app on your device as you can manage all of them in this one app.
  • Access Microsoft Office Documents – One of the best thing about this app is that it will allow you guys to access all of your Microsoft Office Documents are either saved locally, on OneDrive, or any cloud storage. This is going to make things really very convenient for you all and you will be able to access all you Microsoft Office documents whenever and wherever you want.
  • Online Video Calls – It is not just a file management app as it also allow you guys to join any online video calls or meetings that are happening via Zoom, Teams, Webex, and BlueJeans.
  • Inbox Management – There’s this inbox management option that has made things really convenient for you all. This is going to manage your emails in such a way that you will see most important messages/emails on top so that you do not miss out on anything important.
  • Highly Secure – The app has been developed in such a way that it provide you a really high level of internet security that you won’t face any kind of issues here. It also provides you protection against viruses, spam, and other kind of online attacks. You can completely trust Microsoft Outlook when it comes to security and protection.
  • Easy to Use – Here the developers of this app cum software has used super easy, user friendly interface which has made it really very easy for everyone out there, to use this app. It is highly organised and this is the reason why you can find every single thing in an instant, without wasting any of your time.
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These were some of its most important features that are going to be really very useful for you all. Another thing is that it is free of cost so, you need not to worry about spending your money here. Download Microsoft Outlook now to make things a lot more easy and convenient for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Outlook Android App

When you’re working in Outlook on your Android phone, you don’t want to spend more time than necessary typing emails. To make the most efficient use of your time, learn the keyboard shortcuts that will help you get around the app faster.

Here are a few:

  • Go to Contacts. Type C then tap Enter.
  • Go to Calendar. Type L then tap Enter
  • Go to Tasks. Type K then tap Enter.
  • View upcoming events and appointments by time period (Day, Work Week, Week, Month). Type 1–5 then tap Enter: 1: Day 2: Work Week 3: Week 4: Month 5: Schedule View
  • Compose a new email message. Tap Shift + M.
  • Reply to an email message or meeting invite. Tap R.
  • Forward an email message or meeting invite. Tap F.
  • Open the Folder pane or list in a folder. Tap Shift + O (letter o). If you have a hardware keyboard attached, press and hold Alt + O (letter o).
  • Navigate between folders on the Folder pane with focus on the list of folders. Tap A or D (letter d). If you have a hardware keyboard attached, press and hold Alt + A or Alt + D (letter d).


Unlike the regular Microsoft Outlook, which can only be run on a desktop or laptop computer, the new Microsoft Outlook Android Application can be accessed directly from your Android tablet or phone. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate. There’s even an option for quick email composing if you want to send a message within seconds. It’s definitely one of the best Android apps for business.


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