List of 5 Best Upcoming Android Games in 2024

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These days, video gaming world is full of surprises as you’ll see that the developers keep on releasing new games, every now and then. This is the reason why anyone’s not getting bored of video games because there is always something new and exciting to play. Here today, we are also introducing you guys to top 5 android upcoming games that you can keep an eye on!

Best 5 Android Upcoming Games

Here are the top 5 android upcoming games –

  1. Apex Legends Mobile– The first one in this list is Apex Legends Mobile which is basically not a new game in the market but until now, the game was available for PC and gaming consoles only. Now the developers of this game are rolling out this ultimate game on mobile devices which also includes all the android devices. It is believed that Apex Legends Mobile will be released anytime soon and is all set to give you the best gaming experience on your mobile devices. You will have the original gameplay here with ultimate graphics and super easy gaming controls which will make it easy for the players to play on a mobile device.
  2. GTA Trilogy– If you’ve been a fan of GTA then, you must be very well aware that GTA Trilogy was released a few months back for PC and gaming consoles. Now it is all set to be launched for smartphones as well and this is going to be a really big release for all the GTA fans out there. It is quite obvious that you will be having some really amazing features here which will give you the best gaming experience. It is literally one of the top upcoming games for which, all the video game lovers are eagerly waiting.
  3. Diablo Immortal– All those people out there, who loves to play a role playing game, must be very well aware of Diablo Immortal as it is one of the most famous game of this kind. Although the game is available for gaming consoles until now but, it is assumed through the rumours that the mobile version of this game will be released anytime soon. In the mobile version also, you will be experiencing the same gameplay along with all the latest features, which is to ensure that the players get the best gaming experience which is not less than that of a gaming console.
  4. Racing Master– No matter what the time is, racing games can never get old. These are the kind of games that are sure to give you the best gaming experience, at any cost. Here, we have an ultimate game of this genre i.e. Racing Master that will be released shortly for both android as well as iOS devices out there. Racing Master has been developed in such a way that it will give you an ultra realistic racing experience with all the exciting features and ultimate graphics. Here you will get hundreds of luxury automobiles which might give you a dream come true kind of feeling.
  5. Valorant Mobile– If you are looking for a good, competitive, multiplayer game then you are at the right place because we are introducing you to one such amazing game called Valorant Mobile. Although the game has not been released yet but it is believed to be released anytime soon. It is the kind of adventure, counter-strike game that will definitely blow your mind and you must not have experienced any such game before on your android devices

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