Legend of Slime 2.8.1 APK- Download | Latest Version 2024

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Legend of Slime for Android

Legend of Slime for Android is an exciting game that offers a unique and refreshing take on the traditional RPG genre. In this game, you help a cute slime rid the forest of human monsters, flipping the script on the usual fantasy game storyline. As you progress through the game, you level up your slime’s stats, skills, and equipment to become more powerful. The game’s automatic combat system allows you to sit back and enjoy the battles without worrying about manual fighting. You can even recruit a companion to join your adventure, adding an exciting and unpredictable element to the game.

The game’s gacha system provides players with new teammates and equipment to aid in their battles. You can collect idle gold and items, even when you’re not playing actively, allowing you to progress even during short breaks or when you need to take a breather. One of the main highlighted features of Legend of Slime is its playful and cute graphics. The game’s design is charming and enjoyable, providing a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Legend of Slime is an android game suitable for gamers of all genres, from casual to hardcore. So, if you want to grab the latest updated Legend of Slime APK on your Android phone, then click on the given download link.

Download Legend of Slime APK | Latest Version 2024

Application NameLegend of Slime
CategoryAndroid Game
Developed byLoadComplete
Latest Version2.8.1
File NameLegend-of-Slime.apk
File Size206.53 MB
Minimum RequirementsAndroid 5.1 (Lollipop MR1, API 22)
Uploaded On31-January-2024

Legend of Slime 2024 APK- Main Features

  • Exterminate Humans and Seize their Possessions– The game boasts a battle system where you can vanquish human adversaries and appropriate their assets.
  • Enhance your Slime– The game touts an upgrade system that enables you to augment your slime’s power and potency as you progress.
  • Seek revenge on Humans– The game features a vengeance system that empowers you to ransack human villages, plunder their riches, and even convert them to your loyal subordinates.
  • Valuable Treasures– The game features a mining system that allows you to extract and discover rocks and other precious treasures that can help you on your quest.
  • Collect unique companions with Special abilities– The game features a multitude of companions with distinctive and unparalleled abilities that can assist you in battles, including an egg-slinging chicken, a lethargic snail, and a feline creature.
  • Earn idle Rewards– The game allows you to accumulate passive gold and items even when you’re not actively playing, so you can return and resume playing whenever you wish without missing out on progress.

These features make Legend of Slime a fun and engaging android game that offers a unique take on the traditional RPG/MMO genre. Whether you’re battling humans, upgrading your slime, or mining for treasures, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the game. So What are you waiting for download now and enjoy!

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