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Are you searching for the latest 2020 Whatsapp Dare Game, Messages with Questions Answers? If yes then you are at the right location. Our team has provided the no. of dare games which you can easily copy and send to your friends. We will try to add some new games in this article so stay tuned with us.

People are playing a few dare games like asking interesting questions and giving answers to them. The best thing is that you don’t have to get engaged in any kind of controls as it is not a typical game. We call it a game but it is actually a question-answer kind of thing that will increase your curiosity and interest from time to time.

As we all know that WhatsApp is an unbeatable chatting and social media app and we have all of our family members and friends and you can send these dare games to anyone of them. Now you must be thinking that what kind of game it is or what kind of dares or questions we can give. Below I have given few interesting games that you can send to any of your friend or family memberand play along with them.

About Whatsapp Games

WhatsApp is a kind of application that has been used by the majority of the population all over the world and is among one of the best social media apps that has been loved by all of them. There are over 300 billion people worldwide who are an active user of WhatsApp on a regular basis. It’s not just a regular social media app, you can do a lot with this app. It will never get boring as these days there are a lot of different games and task that people are playing on Whatsapp that makes it more interesting and exciting.

Latest 2020 Whatsapp Dare Games Messages with Questions Answers

Best Whatsapp Dare Game For Crush

1. Get ready for an amazing dare! Choose anyone of your choice from the bags given below and get ready for your dare. You have only 20 seconds to choose, hurry!!

? A

? B

? C

? D

? E

? F

? G

? H

? I

? J

? K

? L

? M

? N

? O

? P

? Q

? R

? S

? T

? U

? V

? W

? X

? Y

? Z


A Tell me one of your biggest secret.

B How many GF/BF you had till now.

C I can ask you anything.

D Send me any funny picture of yours.

E What do you think of me.

F You have two choice either kiss me or buy me the most expensive gift.

G Make me laugh.

H Write my name on your status with I love you.

I Write I am the love of your life on your status with my picture on it.

J Tell me your BF/GF’s name.

I Send me your video saying that I am the sweetest person in your life.

J Flirt with me until I am impressed.

K Send me a voice note saying I Love You.

L – What is the name of your crush.

M Tell me what I mean to you.

N Put my picture as your DP for next one week.

O Tell me the most craziest thing that you did in your life.

P Ask me out for a date.

Q Send me the picture of your lover.

R Ask me for a candle light dinner at the most expensive place.

S Tell me your nickname.

T Slap the person sitting next to you.

U – Make a video of you dancing on an item number.

V Say I love you to the first person you see next.

W Don’t use your phone for a day.

X – Tell me the password of any of your social media account.

Y – Buy a nice dress for me.

Z – Kiss my dog.

2. Choose any one from the list and I will tell you how your life partner is going to be.
1- Media ?
2- Setting ?
3- Camera ?
4- Apps ?
5- Messaging?
6- Contacts


1. Media – Social and fashionable
2. Setting – Irritating
3. Camera – Romantic and deep thinker
4. Apps Boring and selfish
5. Messaging – Loving and caring
6. Contacts – Very talkative and bold

Whatsapp Dare Game For Friends
3. There are name of the cities hidden in the 15 clues given below. You have to find them all and tell me in 5 minutes.
1- ?®️?️
2- ⚫️?
3- ???
4- ??
5- ?®️
6- ?
7- ?®️U
8- ??
9- ️li
10- ???rrr


1- Agra
2- Calcutta
3- Bombay
4- Surat
5- Itanagar
6- Chennai
7- Bengaluru
8- Hyderabad
9- Delhi
10- Kanpur

4.  Select your favourite colour from the list given below and you have to do whatever your colour says.

1- Blue
2- White
3- Black
4- Green
5- Pink
6- Sky blue
7- Yellow
8- Red


1- Blue Put my picture on your DP for a day.
2- White Tell your deepest secret to me.
3- Black Say, I Love You.
4- Green Do not talk to your partner for one day.
5- Pink Drink one bottle of soda in 20 seconds.
6- Sky blue Introduce me to all of your friends as tour GF/BF.
7- Yellow Tell me who was the first person you kissed.
8- Red Send me your worst picture.

5. Select your favourite smiley and get ready for your dare. Reply within 10 seconds.

 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


? Tell me something about your personal life.

? What I mean to you?

? – Put my DP on your status for 4 days.

? Tell me your crush name.

? Send me 10 lovely messages.

? Kiss me when we’ll meet next.

? Describe me in one word.

? Put my best picture as your profile picture for 7 days.

? – Send me worst picture of your lover.

? Send me a voice note saying ‘I love you’.

? Take me for a long drive.

? Take me for a date at the best place of the city.

? Hug me tight when you will meet me.

? – I can ask you anything and you have to answer honestly.

6. Get ready for an amazing dare coming you way! Answer all of these questions mentioned below in 5 minutes.

1. What is your craziest dream?
2. If you can choose any girl or boy from your class for a date then who will be your choice?
3. Who is the person you want to marry with?
4. Name of your first crush.
5. What you like the most in me?
6. What was your first thought about me when you saw me first?
7. Your BF/GF name.
8. What do you don’t like in me?
9. Anything that you want me to change in me?
10. What can you do for me to make me happy?

7. Select any one number from 1 to 20 and get ready for few interesting questions.


1. What will be your reaction if I will proposes you?
2. Write your phone number and address on you status for 2 days.
3. Send me on the spot picture of yours whatever you are doing right now.
4. Do a favour for me whatever I ask.
5. Send me a voice note saying I Love You.
6. Put your status saying that you are getting married in a week.
7. Send me your worst picture.
8. Send me your cutest picture.
9. Be my slave for a day.
10. Send me your lover’s photo.
11. What are your feelings for me?
12. Tell me any one secret of yours that you have never told anyone.
13. Send me your best friend’s number.
14. Make a video of yours doing anything that makes me laugh and send it me.
15. Put my picture on your status for a day.
16. Put favourite picture of mine on your DP for a week.
17. Put your status saying that you miss me with my name.
18. Put my picture on your status and write I Love You on it.
19. Take me out on a dinner date.
20. Buy me something very special that I’ll love.


These were few interesting dares that will kill your boredom in a second.

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