KingoRoot Download 2024 | Latest Version 4.8.0 [APK]

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You must have come across many different rooting apps these days because such apps have become quite popular. Major reason is that it opens huge customization options for your and we love customization in everything. Here today we are introducing you to an amazing rooting app, KingoRoot which is one of its kind. The developers have developed it specially for all those devices which runs of android operating system. Once you root your device with this app, you are going to forget about any other rooting app.

We all know that how irritating it is when your phone comes with all the pre-installed apps and we don’t even have any control over them. We cannot delete those app and hence they take space of our phone unnecessarily. Now with KingoRoot, you can have full control over your device. This app will give you a facility to root your android devices within few seconds. Not only rooting, it will also help you to unroot all of your android devices that too within few seconds only. The app is available for both PC and APK version so that the users can download it according to their needs. It has also been claimed by the developers that this app has the highest success rate among all other rooting apps which are available in the market. So, definitely you are going to have an ultimate experience with this one right here.

Download KingoRoot APK

Application NameKingoRoot
Latest Version 4.8.0
File Size5.31 MB
DeveloperKingosoft Technology Ltd.
Operating SystemAndroid
MD5 78b80790a0065c645047b35c19726e73

KingoRoot APK- Main Features

Here are features of this app that you really need to know –

  • Fastest rooting tool – This app will act as the fastest rooting tool that you’ve ever tried. It will be a matter of few seconds and you won’t believe that how quick it will root your device.
  • Free to use – KingoRoot is absolutely free to use so the users will have to pay anything while downloading this app or while using it.
  • Full support – This has to be noted down that this app is completely compatible with all the android devices out there which runs on any android version from 1.5 to 5.0.
  • High success rate – The developers of the app guarantees the users about the highest success of this app among any other of this kind.
  • Easy to use – Not only fast, it is also extremely easy to use. The reason is that the app has been developed in a user-friendly interface so the users do not face any kind of difficulty while using the app.
  • Improve system speed – Along with rooting your device, it will also improve the speed of your phone’s system to give you the best experience.

All these features of this app makes it unique in one or another way. Not only unique, you will see that this is one of the best rooting device that you must have ever used.

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